Ada by Mehar's 11.59 PM collection is for nocturnal soirées

The new 11.59 PM collection from Ada by Mehar is a culmination of edgy and conventional designs

Known for her designs, from classical and traditional to chic and modern, Ada by Mehar recognises that true beauty lies in the marriage of comfort and confidence. With a keen eye for timeless allure, the brand features statement pieces tailored to a vibrant and youthful audience, paying special attention to customisation and personalisation by size, design and colour, ensuring that each piece is a true reflection of your individuality. The brand is known for garments that empower you.

And the new 11.59 PM collection from Ada by Mehar is a culmination of all that the brand stands for — edgy and conventional designs with a focus on comfort as well as  luxury. It features Indo-Western outfits just apt for festivities with perfectly curated bags and potlis 
to match!

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Designer Mehar Toor named the collection 11.59 PM because it is when night and day both dance as one. “Our latest capsule collection presents pre-draped saris  and sets tailored for your nocturnal soirées. Drenched in opulence, this collection boasts sumptuous fabrics such as satin, crushed silk, and net. Some pieces showcase intricate cut dana embroideries, while others luxuriate in rich ruffles. This collection pays homage to the remarkable spirit of the ‘women of Ada,’ those who embody resilience, confidence, and an unwavering sense of power, boldness, and self-acceptance,” she elaborates.

True to the very essence of the collection, these pieces have been named after iconic women like Madonna, Britney, Nelly, and Dawn. “Each silhouette draws inspiration from and seeks to embody the essence of these trailblazers and the impact they’ve left on the world,” says Mehar.
Among their treasures, the Nelly set stands as a contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional suit, a personal favourite of the designer. It showcases a dhoti meticulously tailored to perfection, coupled with a strappy suit that elegantly transforms into a jacket-style fit around the waist. This modern silhouette offers remarkable versatility. “Leave the dupatta aside for a formal dinner or a chic cocktail evening, or adorn it with exquisite Indian jewellery to infuse a more traditional aura,” says the designer.
Additionally, the Madonna sari, resplendent in its rich and captivating colour, is a favourite with their fashion-conscious clientele. 

“Our most coveted sari, known as Madonna, features a graceful cascade of ruffles that elegantly drapes along its length. To augment the allure of the ensemble, we have deftly employed a pleating technique, introducing volume and texture to both the blouse and pallu. Its soft, cascading ruffles along the length of the sari create a striking and remarkably flattering silhouette. This technique serves as a versatile tool in our creative arsenal, allowing us to craft distinct and novel aesthetics across a spectrum of our creations, spanning from blouses to saris. We’ve seamlessly intertwined Indo-Western elements into our brand’s signature aesthetic, which has resulted in a harmonious fusion of modernity and tradition, embodied by bold and distinctive silhouettes,” she says.

The collection boasts sumptuous fabrics such as satin, crushed silk, and net. Some pieces showcase intricate cut dana embroideries, while others luxuriate in rich ruffles. Their selection of fabrics and colours is a deliberate effort to harmonise with the overarching theme of the collection, characterised by its bold, iconic, and statement-making essence.

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“Our collection pays tribute to glamour, confidence, and the beloved icons celebrated worldwide, all wrapped in the lavish elegance of grace and self-assuredness,” says the designer.

Mehar also suggests accessories and styling tips to complement these outfits. “Indian jewellery is a form of art in its own right. Complement our pieces with the eternal elegance of long, dangling kundan or polki earrings, and let them take centre stage. At Ada, we have an appreciation for minimalistic styling. So, I would recommend opting for heavy earrings paired with an embellished potli to complete your look with sophistication,” she signs off.
Price starts at Rs18,999.
Available online.


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