Khwaahish's Gulz collection features trendy and chic designs

Khwaahish’s new collection is inspired by the rhythm of contemporary everyday life

Khwaahish, known for specially crafted diamond jewellery that epitomises style, luxury, and elegance, has introduced Gulz, a diamond jewellery line that is inspired by the rhythm of contemporary everyday life. The collection is versatile, chic, trendy and lightweight. It features layered neckpieces, stackable rings, mini-solitaires, party wear  rings and front-back earrings, which will appeal to the millennial and Gen Z audience.

Ashwin Chetan, owner of Khwaahish Diamonds Pvt Ltd, tells us more about the inspiration behind  what sets them apart from the previous collection.

“The inspiration to curate this new collection stems from the desire to adorn every woman with fabulous diamond jewellery for everyday wear. The Gulz collection features over 400 designs across necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings available in 18kt gold,” says Ashwin.

Elaborating on the materials and gemstones featured in this collection, he says, “Khwaahish is known for designing exquisite jewellery using precious gemstones and combinations of different diamond shapes across its bridal and party-wear jewellery. For Gulz, we brought in the same elements to create a never-seen-before premium lightweight jewellery edition, combining different shapes of diamonds like marquise, pears, emerald-cuts, princess-cuts, along with round brilliants, and adding hues of red and green with Mozambique rubies and Brazilian emeralds.”

The collection features many unique and innovative design elements and is perfect for contemporary woman. Each design is sleek with the right finesse and can even be customised to an individual’s preference; whether it be gemstone or twisting an entire design to create a piece with an all-new identity.

The brand also follows sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. “All our diamonds are sourced from the value chain following the Kimberly process. Also, every piece of jewellery is  certified  by world-renowned international laboratories and is BIS hallmarked,” adds Ashwin.

Price starts at Rs 25,000.
Available online.

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