Arpita Mehta's A Bride’s World is a canvas of dreams waiting to be worn

From the timeless classicist to the free-spirited bohemian, each design in Arpita Mehta’s latest bridal  collection is an artistic expression, a canvas of dreams waiting to be worn

Manu Vipin Published :  24th November 2023 01:00 AM   |   Published :   |  24th November 2023 01:00 AM


In the days leading up to her wedding, a bride goes through a kaleidoscope of emotions, reflecting on days past and anticipating in excitement a shared future. But every bride is different; her hopes and dreams shades different from the generations before her and the friends and family that surround her. 
In her latest collection, Arpita Mehta, inspired by the woman behind the bridal lehenga and the mind that makes her, gives us a world of emotions and reflections in a collection called A Bride’s World

Each piece in the collection, a unique symphony of style, tells a distinct tale tailored for a specific kind of bride, echoing the aspirations and personalities of brides-to-be. From the timeless classicist to the free-spirited bohemian, each design is an artistic expression, a canvas of dreams waiting to be worn. It is all about celebrating the beauty of diversity, as the bridal collection speaks intimately to the hearts of brides with different stories, desires, and dreams.

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A sheer fishtail skirt with detailed embroidery paired with an exaggerated veil speaks to the world-travelled minimalist bride; a sequinned chocolate sari with embellishments paired with a detailed blouse speaks to a bride whose love for dark colours is balanced by lucky colours; rich red lehengas are designed for a bride celebrating traditions; saris and lehengas with ruffle details is inspired by the bride who is playful and looking to add an element of that aspect of her personality to her wedding 

The collection also features a range of cocktail saris that are fun, lightweight, and easy to wear in the colours of a sky celebrating lemon, blush, sindoori, green, purple and blue. The entire collection features intricate traditional mirror work incorporated in floral motifs and detailed pearl embroidery.
Speaking about the collection, Arpita Mehta says, “The inspiration for our latest bridal collection comes from the real people and brides I have had the privilege to meet. Designing for these brides while understanding their aspirations and desires has been the driving force behind this collection. I encourage my brides to have fun with their wedding wardrobe. Some functions demand formality but every outfit is part of the bride’s memories, so it’s important to play with colour and silhouette to reflect the woman behind all the clothes.” 

Classic Coconut Bridal Crew
Coconut, old rose green and dust pink thread with mirror
and pearl hand-embroidered lehenga set
The timeless red bride
The artistry of traditional mirror work seamlessly interwoven into
intricate floral motifs, adorned with exquisite pearl embroidery

The collection introduces a fresh palette adding an easy baby orchid colour and rich chocolate for the very first time to Arpita Mehta’s signature palette of coconut/ivory, burnt orange and the colour of life, a rich crimson. 

For Arpita, inspiration flows naturally. “It’s like a current that’s always present, guiding my creative process. In this bridal collection, we’re always striving for something new. Embracing change and constant evolution is a natural part of our design process. While we maintain our core aesthetic and classic styles, we are dedicated to the art of reinventing our designs,” she says.

Each design by Arpita in A Bride’s World is chosen to flatter the Indian body type while being easy to wear. The saris, for example, are structurally designed to allow the bride to zip into, throw the pallu over and be ready for the day. The look remains that of a traditional sari but is structurally fuss-free. 

“The collection was shot in Jaisalmer’s Suryagarh, a palace fort hotel that epitomises quiet luxury. This property, like the collection featured, has the feel of heritage opulence along with modernity— a marriage of minimal modernity with the detailing of heritage design,” she says and adds that in photographing the collection, she had a clear brief — focus on the bride only. “The Indian wedding is a family affair and a cause for great celebration. For me though, the focus is the bride. Every bride I have met has been so unique in who she is and the dreams she has for this new stage in life she is embarking on — that is the person I am designing for and the campaign spotlights. These are elaborate events that traverse multiple moments across a mehendi, sangeet, cocktail event, chura ceremony, 
wedding and reception, and this collection takes that journey with the brides.

Ask the designer to pick her favourite piece from this collection, and she says, “Selecting a favourite piece from this collection is nearly impossible because each piece has its unique charm. When you see the entire collection, you’ll understand why I can’t pick just one.”

Arpita does not hide the fact that maintaining a balance between the creative and commercial sides of the business is not an easy task. “Balancing the creative and commercial aspects can be challenging, but it’s essential. There are days when I feel highly focused and others when I’m a bit adrift. However, having honest conversations with myself about what I want helps me find that balance.

For the designer who is a favourite of many Bollywood A-listers like Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Ananya Panday, Kiara Advani, Samantha Prabhu, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Tara Sutaria, Athiya Shetty and Vaani Kapoor, the choice of a muse changes with each season. “It depends on the collection’s theme, the season, and my personal mood,” she tells us.

Speaking about the core DNA of the brand, Arpita says, “We are deeply rooted in the love for Indian craft, especially mirror work. We’ve maintained our authenticity and celebrated traditional Indian art, which is a vital part of our identity. Each season, we reinvent this craft by introducing new elements to keep it fresh and relevant.”

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For the designer, staying relevant over time is a challenging but essential task. “It involves staying informed about the world around us. While we don’t have to embrace everything we come across, awareness and knowledge are key. Adapting to new digital communication methods is part of the process.”

Arpita is currently fascinated by benarasi and mirror work, and is considering incorporating these elements into her next collection. “The possibilities are exciting, and I can’t wait to start the creative,” she signs off.

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