RATA’s new collection features a range of beaded accessories that bring you closer to nature

The collection features a range of one-of-a-kind handwoven beaded jewellery
Pieces from the new collection
Pieces from the new collection

Nature blooms with floral petals. Its soothing colours invoke a sense of harmony and tranquillity difficult to describe in words. RATA, a jewellery brand born in Gurugram, attempts to replicate this serene feeling with its newest collection.

While transporting you into a whimsical and dreamy world of flowers, Sanctuary of Shine pays an ode to nature and its beauty. The collection features a range of one-of-a-kind handwoven beaded jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and hair accessories.

Pratiksha Tandon, founder and chief beader tells us this collection stems from the brand’s desire to create pieces that are a love letter to mother nature. “The aim was to invoke feelings of delight, happiness, amazement and joy in people’s hearts,” she shares.

Pieces from the new collection
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What caught our eye is a piece that Pratiksha holds close to her heart as well. Living up to its name, Garden of Joy is a gorgeous neckpiece that would be fit for the royals in today’s time. With intricate beadwork and detailing, it shines radiantly in hues of pink, green, blue and yellow.

Speaking about what she had envisioned for the piece, Pratiksha asks us to picture a vibrant garden teeming with life, where every corner holds a discovery and every step brings forth a burst of colour and fragrance. “This garden for me felt more than just a patch of land. It was a sanctuary of happiness and wonder,” she says.

Pieces from the new collection
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Using various techniques such as hand weaving, crocheting, wire artistry and 3D embroidery, RATA’s team of three beaders, a crocheting expert and a designer worked for almost a year to create Sanctuary of Shine. The creation process is heavily focused on fleshing out minute details of the flower. Based on the outcome, the team decides if it should be an earring, neckpiece or bracelet. “The most elaborate piece of this collection has taken almost 15 to 20 days to make,” Pratiksha enthuses.

INR 3,000 onwards. Available online.

(Written by Subhashini Ramasamy)

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