Label Raasa Mama Mia collection is a fusion of casual and chic

Sakshi Gupta’s new collection is an explosion of vibrant colours, expressive prints, and emotions, echoing the sentiment of embracing life’s best moments
Label Raasa
Label Raasa

Sakshi Gupta’s Label Raasa portrays a vintage aesthetic with a contemporary twist, embodying the designer’s belief that fashion is a unique expression of personal identity. The brand with an unwavering commitment to creating timeless, expressive fashion, has introduced its latest Mama Mia collection.

It draws its inspiration from celebrating the essence of life, and is an explosion of vibrant colours, expressive prints, and emotions, echoing the sentiment of embracing life’s best moments. Throwing more light into the new edit, Sakshi, founder and creative director of the brand, says, “The collection embodies the fervour encapsulated in the phrase, ‘May the rest of our lives be the best of our lives’.”

What sets the collection apart is the key design elements that define the fusion of casual and chic. “It marries casual charm with refined sophistication through various design elements. Structured garments adorned with bold prints form the crux, blending vintage elegance with modern silhouettes. Chantilly lace delicately accentuates tie-up corsets and frills, while buckled blouses add a contemporary edge, resulting in a harmonious blend of classic and modern styles,” she explains.

The colour palette and patterns also play a significant role in conveying the collection’s theme. “The edit’s vibrancy is highlighted through its diverse colour palettes and captivating patterns. The Joyful  Daisy and Chiquita prints explode with an array of colours, symbolising fresh beginnings and joy. Meanwhile, Hibiscus Hug and Dancing Dynamo patterns, with ivory and grey hues, adorned with hibiscus motifs, 
depict resilience and growth through life’s contrasts,” says Sakshi.

The materials selected, including Chantilly lace, buckles, georgette, crêpe and silk, add to the aesthetic. “Flowy materials like georgette and silk accentuate modern elegance while maintaining ease and comfort. These fabrics add a regal touch while ensuring comfort,” she says.

The standout pieces within the collection include voluminous silk skirts paired with tie-up corsets and buckled blouses, exuding regal vintage charm. Other notable items include anarkalis with corsets, frill shirts with gilets, suspenders/dungarees, armhole pre-drape saris, and blazer suits with waistcoats — each showcasing unique and distinctive elements.

Sharing tips on accessorising the collection, Sakshi adds, “Accessories play a key role in elevating the collection’s aesthetics. Belts, embroidered or sleek buckled ones, can add a touch of chic sophistication to the ensemble. For instance, pairing a belt with a blouse, skirt and dupatta can enhance the overall look.”

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