Miraggio X Deme's trans-seasonal handbag line blends versatility with fashion-forward innovation

The 2024 fashion forecast suggests you amp up your looks with chic totes and vibrant bucket handbags. Enter Miraggio X Deme...
From Miraggio X Deme collection
From Miraggio X Deme collection

Be it for functionality, form or fashion, there is something about being drawn towards bags that make a statement. However, in the last couple of years, the design sensibilities of even the most sought-after bag brands seem trite.

To tackle this cliched approach, Miraggio has launched a new collection in collaboration with Deme by Gabriella Demetriades, a renowned apparel brand, for trans-seasonal arm candy. Expect denim totes and bucket handbags in tweed with a vibrant colour palette that seamlessly transitions from day to night.

We speak to founder Gabriella, who also modelled the capsule collection, about what inspired the collaboration. She tells us that Miraggio X Deme encapsulates the spirit of fashion-forward innovation. “The collection signifies a creative fusion, blending Miraggio’s expertise in contemporary accessories with Deme’s chic resort wear. It draws inspiration from diverse sources, emphasising the versatility of denim and the sophistication of tweed,” she shares.

<em>Miraggio X Deme</em>
Miraggio X Deme

Curious, we enquire about how the different design approaches of the two brands synergy for this handbag line. She avers that, “both brands converge on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and an appreciation for refined aesthetics, catering to diverse style preferences and celebrating the dynamic lifestyle of the modern woman.”

Embracing a slightly retro appeal, the motifs of the handbags are inspired by a free-spirited and versatile lifestyle, which pretty much explains the fusion between tweed and denim. “The integration of tweed and denim in this collection departs from our traditional offerings. In the denim collection, we embrace earthy tones such as brown and black, infusing a sense of casual sophistication and versatility into each piece.

Meanwhile, the tweed selection boasts a diverse colour palette featuring black, white, pink, green, blue, and lilac hues,” she adds. Her favourite picks include the bestselling Denice: Tweed & Denim Fusion, the super chic Gaby’s Denim Shoulder Bag, the Tiara’s Tweed Bucket Handbag for those IT girl night-outs and Kristen’s Urban Denim Sling, designed for uber adventures.

<em>Miraggio X Deme</em>
Miraggio X Deme

Apart from the vibrant colour palette and vintage motifs, the handbags in the tweed collection are perfect if you are hunting for a statement piece that boasts modern styles. But for more chock-o-block days, the denim collection harnesses versatility and adaptability. Before signing off, Gabriella offers a sneak peek into the next collection and shares, “Our next edit is shrouded in mystery, but rest assured, it’s poised to redefine your fashion experience. Stay tuned for an exclusive unveiling that captivates your imagination and elevates your style game. The suspense is building, and we can’t wait to share this extraordinary secret with you soon!”

₹1,999 onwards. Available online.

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