Rosantica launches its latest holiday collection with AiSPi 

Michela Panermo’s new collection of handbags is blingy, unique, and certainly an investment

Rosantica, the handbag and jewellery brand founded by Michela Panermo, following her experience collaborating with numerous high fashion maisons in Milan, has launched its latest holiday collection with AiSPi. 

With the perfect mix of decadence and contemporary silhouettes, Rosantica bags are blingy, unique, and definitely worth an investment. Michela Pamero, designer and founder, takes us back to the inception of the brand. “Rosantica was born 15 years ago as a fashion jewellery brand. In 2019, I had to attend an event, and was looking for the perfect evening bag. I wasn’t able to find the right one, so I 
created my own purse! That was the Holli bag, the style which is still our bestselling bag.”

What makes the designs unique is that they are fashionable but never too seasonal. “We’ve found that Indians love this style, and now they can shop our classic Holli and new iterations with AiSPi,” she says.
Michela balances timeless elegance with contemporary trends in her handbag collection. “South Asian audience, we’ve come to realise,  love colour and bling, as clearly seen in what they pick up with AiSPi. So, we ensure this reflects in our designs as well. I always try to balance new and cool shapes with timeless materials, to create non-seasonal pieces, that can last for years and can be collected by 
customers,” she says.

<em>Rosantica Mini Holli Multicolour Patchwork Bag </em>
Rosantica Mini Holli Multicolour Patchwork Bag 
<em>Rosantica Mini Holli Jupe </em>
Rosantica Mini Holli Jupe 

Her designs are inspired by her surroundings as well as the places she visits during her trips. “My latest collection is inspired by the natural materials and the vibe I admired during my last trip to Cuba. Research is an important part of my designing process, too. Old craftsmanship techniques, new materials as well as art and design are the starting point of a new collection,” she explains.

Every season, Michela designs limited edition pieces inspired by the theme of the collection. “These are real pieces of art, completely handmade by expert artisans with more than thousand tiny crystals. These are all numbered, so that our customers can collect them all and have unique pieces,” she adds.

Price ranges between Rs 64,000 and Rs1,25,000.
Available at AiSPi .co.

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