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This collection reflects the spirit of the urban elite, who live life on their terms
Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

Street style is the quintessence of individual expression and cultural fusion. It is an audacious genre of fashion that transcends mere clothing and embodies the essence of urban life. Street style is where the raw energy of the streets meets the opulence of luxury, creating a bold, iconic aesthetic that is both powerful and effortlessly chic. “In its truest, most luxurious form, street style is a celebration of individuality, boldness, and unrelenting style,” says Shubh Goyal, creative director of Fierce London, a brand synonymous with luxury streetwear. Its latest F/W 24 Collection is nothing short of a revolution in luxury streetwear. This collection is a powerful testament to the fusion of opulence and street culture. It is designed for those who command attention and make a statement without uttering a single word. “The collection embodies the essence of the brand, where each piece is a masterpiece of bold, iconic design. We have meticulously crafted this edit to reflect the spirit of the urban elite — those who live life on their terms, unbound by convention and driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence,” Shubh adds.

Pieces from the collection
Count your blessings in this stunning collection

Drawing inspiration from the ceaseless energy of the cityscape, the USP of the brand’s streetwear collections lies in infusing each design with a magnetic allure that effortlessly navigates the boundaries between sophistication and street sensibility. For the modern trendsetter, its collections stand as testaments to individuality and fearlessness. Whether you gravitate towards elevated streetwear essentials or commanding statement pieces, the brand promises an unrivaled fusion of diversity and discernment.

Talking of some standout pieces, Shubh says, “Sherpa boxed off blouson features an embroidered stacked shield monogram in champagne gold colour on the front panel that adds to a powerful look. This hooded blouson has sherpa lining on the inside as well. Untamed vigilante velour blouson is a double side plush velour lined hooded blouson featuring the brand’s iconic silhouette. There’s Asymmetric hoodie crafted from a luxurious black onyx cotton fleece, with a regent’s cord in white with gunmetal detailing giving an air of chic, rebellious spirit.”

Pieces from the collection
This collection is all about the ocean's magic

There’s a diamond-encrusted Stacked shield monogram pendant with royal riviera cuban cascade featuring thousands of precision baguette and round cut diamonds, and Dominatum signature sunglasses with acetate frame, a sophisticated onyx effect and dark lenses. For those looking for the ultimate in off-duty comfort, the Exotic mules in plush noir shearling offer wide front straps, and an intricately embroidered stacked shield monogram. “ When designing streetwear, the most important aspect to focus on is authenticity. At Fierce London, authenticity serves as the cornerstone of our creative process,” Shubh concludes.

Price starts at Rs 14,800. Available online.

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