Count your blessings in this stunning collection

Mehr embodies the essence of love and commitment, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the first rays of the sun
Dreamy silhouettes from Mehr
Dreamy silhouettes from Mehr

Nitika Gujral is a self-taught designer who held her first exhibition in Delhi in 1985 while still in school. She had an innate passion for design; this was the era before the advent of fashion schools in India. Over the decades, her extensive interactions with patter n masters and craftsmen helped her to continuously learn to assimilate and integrate the knowledge into her designs. This four-decade-long journey has been a discovery of the rich legacy of craftsmanship; and the need to preserve and propagate it has fueled her passion as a designer. She launched her label Nitika Gujral in July 2021 in New Delhi, and celebrities like Mouni Roy, Sara Tendulkar, Rakul Preet Singh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Huma Qureshi, Hansika Motwani, Guahar Khan, and Palak Tiwari have been seen donning Nitika’s creations.

Her latest collection Mehr signifies the love and grace that envelope the beings which magnifies manifold as we learn to give of ourselves. There is an innate beauty in these emotions and as a designer, she has strived to express nature’s abundance through this collection. It is an offering of gratitude for all the plentitude with which we are constantly blessed. It is an acknowledgment of our resilience and our ability to celebrate life itself. “Mehr means blessing, a light shining on us from the first rays of the sun. I named it the way it felt — a blessing. I would say the abundance of nature best describes this collection,” Nitika says.

Dreamy silhouettes from Mehr
This fashion collection is inspired by the vibrant cultural landscape of Jodhpur, capturing its essence and beauty

The fabrics used in the collection range from diaphanous tulles, organzas and chiffon to lustrous satins that resonate with the changing mood of the rising sun. The colour palette too encompasses the dusky hues of the hours before twilight, the gentle transition into the misty morning which, in turn, with the passage of the sun, brings to our gaze the vibrant hues of the incandescent sun as it lights upon the verdant and vibrant tones of the world around.

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“The motifs used in Mehr are largely florals so as to express and resonate with nature’s abundance. It has a softness and mystical appeal like a world waiting for the sun’s rays to unveil a new day. Our earlier spring-summer collection Bahaar was evocative of the full bloom of summer, while Mehr is more restrained and teasing in contrast,” Nitika tells us, adding, “Like the early morning mist that hits at the impending dawn, Mehr has a lot of dreamy silhouettes that indicate the gradual stirring from a restful slumber to wakefulness.” It is a collection of celebration wear; comprising elements that suggest freshness, and the diverse colour palette and silhouettes allow one to pick outfits for every occasion and time of the day. “In keeping with the light and airy feel of the collection, accessorising needs to be minimalistic. Beaded clutches, headbands and wispy veils would work very well with these outfits,” the designer adds.

Price ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 2,00,000.

Available online.


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