Utopia Collection embraces bold expressions and vibrant hues for summer 2024

In a celebration of playful details, unique 3D floral appliques, uneven hemlines, and dimensional embellishments add an air of vintage charm to the outfits
Utopia by MellowDrama
Utopia by MellowDrama

In a season where the sun's rays hold a myriad of dancing colours, and patterns bursting with energy, the world awakens into a season painted in highlights. In Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Utopia, MellowDrama taps into this vibrant spirit and embraces flamboyant palettes with vivid hues playfully intertwined to present bold expressions of individuality. It brings the cheerfulness of summer to contemporary silhouettes.

Using a dynamic approach to technique, Utopia is made of luxurious hand-stitched fabrics, featuring self-engineered 3D textures, florals, laser cut patterns, and patchwork designs forming the brand's signature artisanal aesthetic. In a celebration of playful details, unique 3D floral appliques, uneven hemlines, and dimensional embellishments add an air of vintage charm. The collection's highlight, however, is the juxtaposition of striking colours and dynamic patterns.

Utopia by MellowDrama
Utopia by MellowDrama
Utopia by MellowDrama
Summer-proof your routine

Precisely placed geometric motifs bring structured lines to life on a flowing maxi dress, hand-stitched blooms adorn a sharply tailored blazer, and clashing vibrant prints intermingle on statement pieces. The hand stitching elevates the trend of contemporary craft. The 3D florals, laser cuts and uneven hemlines are an ode to classics. The collection is further nuanced by the prevalence of patchwork in a variety of ways giving a fresh perspective to pattern mixing.

We talk to Aaina Mahajan of MellowDrama to know more out the latest drop. “The Utopia collection was inspired by the vibrant and dynamic essence of summer, the move from personalisation to individualisation. These pieces are tailored for unique needs and moods, and invites wearers into a world where flamboyant palettes reign supreme, and reservation is a thing of the past,” says Aaina. It is a celebration of hand-stitched contemporary craft and patterned illusions, adding depth to the brand’s trademark style. The vibrant statement pieces juxtapose vintage charm with exuberant expressions of individuality.

Utopia by MellowDrama
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“We have used signature colours of denims, blue, black, greys, white and silver, which serve as the foundation, providing a timeless and versatile palette. These are enhanced with vibrant new colours like red, lime, beige and green, which add a fresh, dynamic energy. This interplay of colours creates a striking visual impact, creating visually appealing and harmonious designs. The bold patterns, including florals and geometric shapes, further accentuate this aesthetic, adding depth and movement to each piece,” she shares.

For a relaxed yet stylish day look, Aaina’s advice is to pair it with simple sandals or sneakers. “As the sun sets, swap these flats for heels, and accessorise with statement jewellery, for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner.  Also, accessories are your best friend when it comes to elevating any piece. Traditional, understated jewellery, like stud earrings, simple chain necklaces and a classic watch, keeps your style sophisticated during the day. If you want a bolder look for the evening, try a chunky necklace, a fun clutch or hoop earrings,” she adds.

Price starts at Rs 13,500. Available online.

 — manuvipin@newindianexpress.com

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