A symphony of handcrafted magnificence

Each bag is meticulously hand-cut, hand-set, hand-sewn and are a testament of luxury craftsmanship
Doux Amour Desert Star
Doux Amour Desert Star

Doux Amour, known for its harmonious blend of luxurious fabrics and intricate designs, has launched its latest collection of bags, titled Desert Star.

It is a symphony of handcrafted magnificence in a palette of luminous gold, pristine silver, and alluringly tarnished metallic hues. Each bag is meticulously hand-cut, hand-set, and hand-sewn piece — a testament to luxury craftsmanship.

Doux Amour Desert Star
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Doux Amour Desert Star
Doux Amour Desert Star

We talk to Saahiil Kapoor, who heads the brand, to know more about the collection. “Our inspiration has always stemmed from nature. Our initial collection was inspired by John Austin Nursery, and we’re currently focusing on the Desert Star flower. We were attracted by its capacity to grow in tough desert settings, adding brilliant colours to bleak landscapes,” he shares.

Giving a shot at sustainability, the brand has used recyclable polyester, ensuring every piece is handmade, hand-embroidered, and hand-sewn, involving artisans at every stage. “We’ve incorporated Japanese glass beads, fire threads, and Austrian crystals. Each flower is hand-embroidered, hand-cut, assembled into a bouquet, and then crafted into a bag. The handles are fully beaded with teardrop crystals, and each bag took 50-60 hours to complete,” he says.

Doux Amour Desert Star
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Explaining the three-dimensional layered effect as seen on the bags, he says, “The multilayer techniques create a realistic daisy bouquet effect, adding depth and a rich, tactile experience to the designs. Much like a daisy injects colour into the rugged desert landscape, our Desert Star collection uses multilayer techniques and diverse materials to evoke the impact of a real bouquet, adding a touch of glamour.”

Price starts at Rs 11,799. Available online.


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