ECCO boots NRL Collection integrates multiple elements into its design

 This new collection of boots stands out with its unparalleled comfort and use of poppy colours

ECCO boots, a fusion of premium craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, tailored to elevate every step you take, is redefining versatility with its new collection. Whether conquering city streets or embracing outdoor adventures, these boots offer a blend of fashion-forward aesthetics and unparalleled comfort. What make it unique is the innovative technologies that have been incorporated in its boot designs for enhanced comfort and durability. In addressing the specific requirements and characteristics of various shoe types, the brand has employed advanced technologies such as Phorene and Gore-Tex to ensure optimal comfort in every pair.

The latest NRL Collection, integrates multiple elements into the design. The approach involves meticulous customisation, particularly in achieving a clean and polished appearance along the sides where the leather and rubber meet, a task that presents its own set of challenges in terms of precision.

The choice of material is also unique. The brand’s leather facility holds a rating from the Leather Working Group, an organisation dedicated to upholding ethical and environmentally sustainable practices in the industry.

<em>ECCO boots</em>
ECCO boots

The excellence extends to the materials, which are both premium and durable, and incorporate top-quality leather and employ advanced techniques. All these efforts ultimately contribute towards the most comfortable and customised fit for customers.

The new collection stands out with its use of vibrant colours like bubble gum pink and cherry red, adding a lively and sassy touch. “We have embraced poppy colours to infuse it with an uplifting and encouraging vibe. The remarkable capabilities of the ECCO tannery played a crucial role, allowing us to achieve vibrant hues using exceptionally soft leather. Typically associated with polyester or jersey fabrics in technical materials, these striking shades have now found a home in environmentally friendly leather,” says Sumeet Lohia, who heads the brand.

He further adds, “We consistently assess technologies to uphold the artistry in each pair of shoes we produce. Our Water-Free Leather Tanning, specifically DriTan, guarantees craftsmanship, minimises water consumption, and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This aligns seamlessly with our unwavering commitment to sustainability.”

Price starts at Rs 18,999.
Made to order.

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