Crumpled chic: The world of contemporary linen

With creases and crushes being its USP, what’s not to love about linen, the contemporary design world’s first choice for bedding and clothing
For representational purposes
For representational purposes

Forget those stiff white linen napkins of the kind seen in fancy restaurants that often look like sheets of metal after a car crash! Welcome to the world of contemporary linen, soft and pre-washed, where the creases create a chic and comfortable vibe. The relaxed look is in, so “wrinkles” are actually part of the charm. Plus, it isn’t shiny like silk, and that’s perhaps why it has become such a hit with contemporary interiors.

There are many reasons to love linen. One, even without organic certification, it is an ecological choice. Very few fertilisers are used in the cultivation process, and during the spinning and weaving process, no chemicals are used. Also, the remaining residues of fertiliser also get washed away. This applies to natural colour linen fabric mainly. In the bleaching and dyeing processes, however, some chemicals do have to be used unless the fabric is stained with plant-based dyes.

The most fashionable curtains right now are 100 percent washed linen. It won’t crease in the same way as those old school linens which weren’t this soft. The same goes for bedding and bedspreads. Linen duvet covers are everywhere now—you do not necessarily need that formal bedspread anymore when you have such gorgeous linen duvet covers and sheets. Plus, the added comfort of them feeling so light and luxurious on the skin.

Another thing is that linen fibre is made to last. While cotton pants get weaker much faster than linen, you can wear linen pants about two times longer if the fabric is about the same weight. So it’s an ecological choice regarding longevity as well. Also, in the past, linen clothing was considered very high maintenance. Not anymore, for all finishes today guarantee that you can really just ‘wash and go’ and don’t have to worry about ironing the clothes.

Besides, flax fibres have the highest heat conductivity of any fabric and the ability to cool down skin temperature. They will keep the body nice and cool in summer and warm in winter. So, what’s there not to like about natural linen? Not much really, except that it will cost you a fraction more compared to man-made fibres. A small price to pay for comfort, we say.

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