Learn all about Parisian style from well-known designers like Anushree Reddy to Archana Puneeth

There are certain styles in the global fashion lookbook, which never go out of vogue and stand the test of time as evergreen couture

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Designs by Archana Puneeth

Designs by Archana Puneeth

There are certain styles in the global fashion lookbook, which never go out of vogue and stand the test of time as evergreen couture. Parisian style is just that -- be it any part of the world, during any season and for any body type, it always manages to impress the fashion police.

Parisian fashion is all about dressing casual, being effortless and yet looking elegant. It shows how the right mix of colours and a hint of glamour can make a difference to a style. Anushree Reddy, a city-based designer known for her casual designs, believes that comfort is the key to nailing any style.

“France is the nation that has a widespread style philosophy and its women have all the attributes, making many envious of them. Parisians tend to look for timeless high-quality clothing. Shop less, but shop better. Wear something that is comfortable, chic, suits your body type and has practically as its major attribute,” she says.

Parisian fashion largely comprises muted and monochromatic colours matched with pop and earthy tones. “It is important to accessorise well. For example, a basic LBD can be upgraded to more ‘magazine worthy’ look using the right accessories such as a beautiful handbag, dainty earrings, a diamond ring and the right pair of pumps. Nothing speaks more Paris than nude pumps,” she says, emphasising that with confidence and individuality, one can rock any look. “When it is modest and minimalistic, and conducted with the ‘less is more’ approach, it is as flamboyant as it can get,” she says.

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Another designer, Archana Puneeth, explains what exactly Parisian style is. For someone who loves to dress up the Parisian way, Archana focuses on finding the right wardrobe staples and accessories which make her feel confident ad chic at same time. “Parisian style is not a difficult style to pull off. In fact, it is something effortless, classic nonchalant, and cool but not robust. It is just a bit more sophisticated than the French style. The aim is to find the right balance between looking dressed up and laid-back (chic-décontracté in French),” she says.

Citing an example of what is not Parisian style, Archana says, “For me, Emily’s style in the Netflix series Emily in Paris was anti-Parisian. Instead, Parisian style is about effortless, and wearing basic clothes with one statement piece such as a silk scarf, a nice hat, one luxury piece of jewellery or a great pair of shoes.”

Accessorising is kept to a bare minimum and the overall look is simple and clean. One simple rule is that Parisians are never overdone or overdress.

While this style may seem easy to reproduce, making a fashion statement while being a minimalist requires a particular style-savviness.

“Think of it as a kind of art. Wear what you love and keep it simple, that is the Parisian way. For me, it’s always the trench coat over jeans and white tees, ballet flats with the little black dress (LBD), or blazers with a pair of white sneakers. Suit pants with silk blouses, a black leather jacket/denim jacket over a silk midi dress, an oversized button-down shirt with high-rise straight jeans, or a blazer over a slightly transparent top -- these are classic styles. Blend masculine shapes with feminine silhouettes to achieve a modern, yet effortlessly chic Parisian style,” says Archana.

Parisians always buy timeless, versatile and comfortable basics that they can re-wear and re-style. Here are some basics which are found in every Parisian wardrobe and on every Parisian street. Here is what
you’ll need

White sleeveless t-shirt or a tank-top paired with a silk scarf
White/blue or striped button-down shirt with high waist pants/denims
Silk shirt
Cashemere knitwear or sweater
Cardigans — like a long houndstooth cardigan
A leather jacket or coat
Beige trench coat
Woollen coat
Colour blocking with blazers
Black tuxedo jacket (When you wear a masculine cut, accessorise it with feminine jewellery or a scarf)
The little black dress or a pale orange frock
High-wait, straight-fit jeans
Cross-body leather bag
Classic tote bag

Less is more when it comes to nailing the Parisian style. This is one category that manages to impress the fashion police in any part of the world, during any season and for any body type. According to city-based designers, the Parisian style is all about finding the right balance between looking dressed up and laid-back. They break down the concept and share some styling tips