Designers and brands from Hyderabad are making straighter, looser denim, which suggest you’ve borrowed them

Borrowed denim?

author_img Shamma Kalodi Published :  14th June 2022 07:38 PM   |   Published :   |  14th June 2022 07:38 PM
Designs by Asmita Marwa

Designs by Asmita Marwa

We all love our denim outfits — especially jeans — their cosmopolitan nature, toughness and durability and the carefree-attitude promised makes us want to own more and more of them. We are in a time when every shape and size is cool — mom jeans, skinny ones, flared, good-cut or straight — all there are in trend. But, some specifics have changed, in fact, they have reversed.

If you have shopped for jeans in the past year or two, it may have looked like you borrowed them from someone else. But it is not you! Fashion designers and companies are making straighter, looser cut denim, which suggests you borrowed it from someone. In fact, these pants are called Boyfriend jeans. “Relaxed, non-flared jeans like palazzos and loose high waist jeans are trending the most these days. Mid-waist is back in fashion, to offer you the so-called Boyfriend jeans look,” says designer Asmita Marwa. She adds, “I prefer a flared palazzo-denim; it looks great with anything.”

She also shares what fashionistas are up to nowadays: “For men, denim is not as much distressed. Darker jeans are back. Less washed and less distressed ones are trending. For women, too, darker tones are preferred over lighter ones. They also like less distress and more formal. Indigo is the most popular colour, growing in demand.”

The designer says Covid has changed the way we look at fashion. “I think we as a society have become much more relaxed and less formal, thanks to the work-from-home scenario. Denim was once a classic in everyone’s wardrobe. But now, it is the more acceptable and formal avatar.”Asmita, who adopts sustainability as her ideology, believes in creative fashion with upgradation. “I did a lot of upgrading with denim patchworks and flared ones,” says she.

Aruna Goud, the founder of Indian Glam Fashion Week, says that people wear clothing according to seasonal waves. “In summers, lightweight clothes are favoured — ones in comfortable forms, made with smooth and fine materials. For men, it’s linen kurtas, shirts and trousers” Styles have, in fact, not changed over the past few years. “The fashion wears of over 40-50 years are in vogue again. Patterns and designs are reprinted with little change. But of course, fashion is very creative and fused,” Aruna adds.
Denim jackets with series are trendy. But Aruna seems excited to share a piece of exciting news — the launch of her denim sarees and we’re so looking forward to that!