Hyderabad: Summer calls for comfortable footwear

So rain or shine, pairing the right kind of footwear is important — not just to look fashionably right but also feel comfortable

author_img Rachel Dammala Published :  17th May 2022 10:20 PM   |   Published :   |  17th May 2022 10:20 PM

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Summer calls for comfort and footwear goes a long way in achieving that. Shoemakers, designers and fashionistas share what’s ‘hot’ this summer, when it comes to footwear. Blazing heat or the cold winds, many love to play dress up fair.

So rain or shine, pairing the right kind of footwear is important not just to look fashionably right but also feel comfortable. Nishka Agarwal, CEO of Hyderabad-based September Shoes, says, “Summer footwear should be open-feet footwear in which your feet can breathe.” So keep away those tip-toe heels and shoes for a couple of months.

That said, grip is important, she says, explaining, “Your footwear should also have a good grip, given that we sweat a lot during summers. Kolhapuris are always a classic favourite. You can also go for good sliders that are well-fitting and not loose. It is important to ensure that they are easy to wear and have good antibacterial cushioning inside that can probably soak the sweat.” Look for pairs that don’t hurt or prick your feet during the summer. If you are someone who loves wedges and heels, Nishka advises you to go for heels that have minimum coverage on top.

“Probably the V-shaped footwear is a good choice. While I would not suggest sliders for heels given they don’t offer great grip, but Kolhapuri heels can go best with traditional wear,” she shares. Fashion and lifestyle blogger Divya Bopanna swears by flats during summer. “Be it for work or a day out or a function, I look for an excuse to let go of the heels and slip into flats.

They make me feel airy and light. Summers are already troublesome, I wouldn’t want to put my feet through more of it by wearing heels. Some really interesting designs for flats have been coming up in interesting colours — from flip flops to sliders and chic flats,” says she. Summer footwear trends include platform heels, the barely- there strap footwear, gladiator flats, sliders and puffy sandals.

“Heels and flats with those thin straps on top look the prettiest this season. They are perfect for summer, so invest in some good pastel and nude shades. I’d choose flats for the pool, blocks for an evening party and platforms for work,” Nishka signs off.