Six trends that will reign supreme in sustainble fashion this year

Sustainable fashion offers a beacon of hope for a future where fashion can be both stylish and ethical

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Image Credits: Pixabay

Image Credits: Pixabay

In the wake of climate change and environmental degradation, sustainability has become a key concept across various sectors worldwide. The notion of sustainability has now become a buzzword, with industries grappling to address their impact on the environment. One sector that is constantly receiving reminders from environmentalists is fashion and textile, which is often criticised for leaving behind mammoth waste and causing a harmful impact on the planet Earth.

Responding positively to contemporary issues, the idea of sustainability strongly shapes the current fashion trends. Designers are now taking into account not only the personal style of individuals but also the impact of clothing on the environment. In addition, the focus of sustainable fashion manufacturers is on reducing carbon footprints while promoting environment-friendly practices among all stakeholders. Their aim is to create clothing that not only looks good but also preserves the bounties of this planet and benefits everyone involved. Thereby, sustainable fashion offers a beacon of hope for a future where fashion can be both stylish and ethical. Here are some sustainable fashion trends you can expect to rule this summer:

Vintage Clothing
The trend of buying used or vintage clothing is making a return due to its numerous benefits. This fashion trend is also known as thriving in today's time. By reusing old clothes, you can help the environment and save money. It's also a great way to find unique items that no one else wears.

Second-hand Fashion
Buying second-hand clothes is currently in vogue. Many consumers are taking advantage of this expanding market, which saves them money and benefits the environment by reducing textile waste. You can also find distinctive accessories that make you stand out.

Recycled Plastic
Some types of clothing, such as sportswear and swimwear, are made from synthetic fibres derived from oil, which is harmful to the environment. To combat this issue, there is a growing focus on a circular economy. Fashion companies are now using recycled plastic waste to produce high-quality, affordable, and eco-friendly apparel.

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Vegan Fashion
With time, more people are becoming aware of the negative impact the fashion industry has on animals. This is why vegan fashion is becoming increasingly popular. By choosing animal-free materials, such as recycled or organic fibers, you can still look fashionable without contributing to animal cruelty.

Organic Cotton
The use of certified organic cotton is becoming more prevalent in the fashion industry as a response to the negative impacts of fast fashion. Organic cotton is superior to conventional cotton because it's non-GMO and grown without harmful chemicals, making it more environment-friendly. Opting for organic cotton is a great way to support ethical business practices.

Furthermore, the impact of sustainable fashion goes far beyond the clothes themselves. It has the power to change the way we think about ourselves and our place in the world. When we choose to support sustainable fashion brands, we are not just making a statement about our personal style; we are making a statement about our values and our commitment to creating a better world.

The Coda
The concept of sustainable fashion is not merely an haute trend; it is a growing movement that has gained traction globally. Its aim is to build a future where fashion is not only visually appealing but also ethically and sustainably produced. This movement acknowledges our obligation to the planet and each other and calls for proactive measures to bring about positive and lasting change.

(Inputs by Raghav Mittal, MD and Creative Director, House of Surya)

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