Here are six crazy coffee-based drinks to take you on a caffeine crusade in Bengaluru

This International Coffee Day, we list down six new caffeine-driven beverages that are distinctive, flavoursome and a must-try for all coffee-holics… 
Image Credits: Pexels
Image Credits: Pexels

In Bengaluru, you do not have to be Lorelai Gilmore to be a javaphile. From proudly carrying ahead the age-old tradition of having filter coffee in the morning to catching up with friends at new cafés offering the craziest of experimental fare, Bengalureans have always celebrated coffee as a way of life. This International Coffee Day, we bring you our pick of the coolest new coffee-based drinks across the city that you simply must try.

Iced Sea Salt Mocha at Third Wave Coffee
The Sea Salt Mocha stands out as an audacious departure from the ordinary in the realm of iced coffees. This unique drink offers a tantalising blend of the rich mocha and a subtle hint of herb-infused sea salt, resulting in a contrast of flavours that does more than satiate your taste buds. INR 275. Available across outlets.

The Revved Up Roast at Araku Coffee
The Revved Up Roast is a small, experimental batch of coffee from the fresh harvest of 2023. Ideally suited to espresso-based coffees, this serving will be present for a fresh selection at the Modbar, which is a mix of classics and playful spins on Araku Coffee. Some drinks using the roast include Cinnamon Tiramisu, Dragon Fruit Latte, Iced Berry Latte, Twisted Orange Iced Americano and Vanilla Chocolate Latte. INR 250 onwards. At Indiranagar.

Toasted Almond Latte at Magnolia Bakery
If you love coffee but can never go for intense flavours like espresso and latte is your thing, the Toasted Almond Latte at Magnolia Bakery — the classic coffee latte with a sweet, toasted almond flavour — can become your favourite order. The smokey, nutty flavour from the toasted almonds perfectly complements the creaminess of the latte, resulting in a comforting cuppa! INR 220. At Indiranagar.

Coffee Cherry Soda at Maverick & Farmer
The Coffee Cherry Soda is an artisanal beverage that brings the fresh and fruity flavours of the ripe coffee pulp to the forefront. This fizzy cold drink served with cubes of ice offers a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness with a tangy aftertaste. Even though the drink is a part of the year-long menu, it pairs perfectly with their in-house burgers with a side serving of fries in the summer months and works perfectly well in this weather too. But if you are a cold beverage aficionado much like us, the weather outside will not matter much. INR 180. Available at Ulsoor. 

Caramel Cinnamon Iced Latte at Café Noir
Blending the goodness of two of coffee’s beloved add-ons, caramel and cinnamon, this iced latte may just become your go-to order this autumn. As the leaves get crunchy, you will certainly find yourself attracted to the woody taste profiles of cinnamon perfectly balanced by the sweetness of cinnamon and enter this beverage. INR 230. Available across outlets.

Pumpkin Spiced Cream Nitro Cold Brew at Starbucks 
One of the latest additions to the recently launched cold brew menu, the Pumpkin Spiced Cream Nitro Cold Brew is a low-calorie sweetened delight that embraces fall flavours such as nutmeg and cinnamon. Slow-steeped for 20 hours, this rich and creamy beverage offers a velvety taste with a silky mouthfeel and if these are profiles that appease your coffee palate, you must sip this on your next caffeine spree. INR 460. Available at Lavelle Road. 

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