Get Valentine's Day ready with these newly launched clothing edits

The sensual and urban chic designs by ready-to-wear labels like 431–88 and Virgio come together to create a visually captivating ensemble
Virgio (L), 431–88 (R)
Virgio (L), 431–88 (R)

Ahead of Valentine’s Day this year, clothing brands have come up with collections, specially designed for those on the hunt for the perfect look. You too can vibe with brands that are exclusively striving towards creating an outfit that checks all the boxes of the V-day aesthetic. Here, we list down two brands that have unveiled special V-day edits just in time to spare you from all the last-minute trouble.

If you’re looking for a modern, feminine and confident vibe, make 431-88 your go-to. It is a luxury, ready-to-wear label operating from New Delhi since 2012. Guided by modernity, sensuality, and femininity, their V-day collection is an exuberant mix of maximalist and minimalist vibe combined with a colour palette painted by the Cupid. 431-88 further explores and adds a touch of modernity to traditional Indian wear as well, bringing to us a more contemporary twist, while ensuring a dynamic range of urban wear.

<em>Jacket Y by 431–88</em>
Jacket Y by 431–88

We recommend: Jacket Y, a blinged piece that features intricate beaded strings and pairs elegantly with any montonous outfit. It seamlessly walks the line between playful and sexy and can make a great addition to your power dressing. Available online.  

The next in line is Virgio, a fashion brand for those looking to make a statement while being environmentally conscious. Virgio draws its inspiration from the timeless allure of the classic Moulin Rouge and The Date collection encapsulates romance, drama, passion and a distinct flair for fashion. The brand is infused with eco-conscious choices and demonstrates a dedication to sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

<em>The 'Ashley' dress</em>
The 'Ashley' dress

We recommend: Ashley, made using satin crafted from recycled plastic. The halter neck dress features lace detailing and will keep your beau’s eyes glued to you on your V-day date night. Available online.  

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