A$AP Rocky unveils AWGE runway collection at Paris Fashion Week

The show’s setting at the Hôtel de Maisons hinted at the rebellious undercurrent of the collection
In frame: A$AP Rocky
In frame: A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky, the multi-hyphenate rapper and fashion icon, has stormed onto the Paris Fashion Week scene with his label AWGE’s first-ever runway show. Titled ‘American Sabotage,’ the collection is a bold exploration of ghetto expressionism, featuring 30 meticulously crafted looks designed with the help of Joshua Jamal, Bede Marchand, and Coucou Bebe.

In frame: A$AP Rocky
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American Sabotage transcends mere clothing – it's a window into Rocky’s creative soul and a platform for social commentary. The collection pulsated with the energy of three unreleased tracks from Rocky’s upcoming album, further blurring the lines between art, music, and activism. Footwear from PUMA and eyewear from Ray-Ban complemented the looks, adding a touch of commercial edge to Rocky's artistic vision.

The show’s setting at the Hôtel de Maisons hinted at the rebellious undercurrent of the collection. Guests were greeted by a trio of Alpine-sponsored supercars and a crew of AWGE ‘misfits’ wielding flags emblazoned with the phrase ‘Don't Be Dumb,’ setting the tone for a collection that both celebrates and critiques American culture.

In an interview, Rocky delved into the inspiration behind the name American Sabotage. “America has a lot of historical values,” he explained. “I’m putting light on my American story, my American horror story, my American dream, my American sabotage.”

The clothes themselves served as a powerful narrative. Pieces emblazoned with phrases like ‘POLITICAL SATIRE’ and bomber jackets featuring the American eagle and flag reimagined with a defiant attitude.

In frame: A$AP Rocky
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Oversized silhouettes dominated the collection, a visual representation of the drama that often unfolds on New York's streets. Pieces inspired by NYPD and paramedic uniforms further solidified the link between Rocky's personal narrative and his concept of ‘ghetto expressionism.’ Layering was key, reflecting Rocky’s signature style and adding depth and volume to the garments.

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