Assamese actor Aimee Baruah brings Indian culture to the forefront at Cannes red carpet in a mekhela sador sari

The meticulously woven sador, featuring the gam kharu phool design, took nearly two months to complete
In frame: Aimee Baruah
In frame: Aimee Baruah

The 77th Cannes Film Festival isn’t just about cinema; it is a vibrant display of global fashion. This year, India made a significant mark, not just with actors and content creators, but also on the red carpet. Assamese actor, Aimee Baruah, stole the show with her stunning attire, a bold statement celebrating Indian culture and heritage.

In frame: Aimee Baruah
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For her third appearance at Cannes, Aimee opted for a breathtaking mekhela sador sari, a traditional Assamese garment crafted from pure Muga silk. The exquisite fabric, known for its rich golden hue and natural sheen, was adorned with intricate 200-year-old motifs, adding a touch of history to the ensemble. The meticulously woven sador, featuring the gam kharu phool design, took nearly two months to complete.

Taking to social media, the actor expressed her pride, writing, “Representing our heritage, I was thrilled to walk the ramp... The two-hundred-year-old motif depicted on my Muga... intricate traditional designs, Gamkharu on my wrist, Assamese gamosa, Riha, and Kopou Phul (foxtail orchids) in my hairbun.”

As described by the designer, the motifs held deep cultural significance. The Goja bota, featuring floral and geometric patterns, harkened back to the Ahom dynasty, while the gam kharu phoolsymbolised prosperity and protection, values deeply ingrained in Assamese culture. But the beauty went beyond the motifs. Each element of Aimee’s attire held a special meaning.

In frame: Aimee Baruah
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With each appearance, Aimee carried a piece of her rich heritage onto the world stage, inspiring appreciation for the beauty and depth of Indian culture. Her journey at Cannes is a testament to the power of fashion to not only make a statement but also celebrate cultural identity.

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