From kimchi to curry, here are five ways you never imagined a watermelon! 

You are about to lose your ‘rind’ over this! 
Grilled watermelon with Tuna tataki
Grilled watermelon with Tuna tataki

We’re sweet on watermelons. But we decided that to get fresh with them (pun gleefully intended), why not go savoury? From kimchi to curry, we promise after a taste of these fun finds, you can give your melon-choly over a sweaty summer, a salty kiss farewell. 

Tuna paloma blanca
It looks like a work of art. ITC Grand Chola’s Grilled watermelon with tuna tataki is a delightful contrast of flavours. Imagine the freshness of the watermelon alongside the meatiness of tuna, complimented with citrus soy and edamamme.The peanut and sesame crumble serves up a wonderful nutty textured base. Available as part of the Sunday brunch at The Madras Pavilion, Rs 2,500 (including taxes) or on request

Kimchi kimchi a melon after midnight 
Midnight snack or pre-meal appetiser, this Watermelon kimchi is bursting with flavour. Chef Ho of Golden Dragon takes us through a bit of show and tell. Once the watermelon has been cut into thin slices, parboil and chill them. Then the most important step: make a brine of vinegar, water, red chilly slices, sugar and salt. The slices are soaked in the brine overnight and then are ready to serve! Available on request. Complimentary.

The phyllo countdown
This slow roasted watermelon curry is certainly a first. Created with a fragrant mix of sweet onion, crushed coriander, basil and olive oil, and served with golden phyllo pastry prawns — it is absolutely delicious. As for how the watermelon works its way into the mix, chunks of the fruit are marinated in soya, nori and salt, before being slow roasted for an hour at 80 degrees Celsius and finally blitzed into the curry — but only half of it. The remaining chunks, crunchy on the outside and packed with flavour, pair beautifully with the prawns. At Six ‘O’ One, The Park Chennai. Available on request. Rs 895++.

A twist on the classic tomato gazpacho from Spain, this watermelon variant is mildly sweet, and the perfect refresher for a hot summer afternoon. The cold soup, which is blended with a combination of fresh watermelon, a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper, is extremely simple to whip up, and promises plenty of likes, whether at a party or on your Instagram feed. At Food Exchange, Novotel Chennai Chamiers Road. Available on request. Rs 250++ 

You spin my head rind round
Don’t throw away the rind. As it turns out, with a little creativity, it can safely be consumed just like the fruit. Like in this Amuse Bouche of sous vide watermelon and Latin American Tostone chips to tickle the taste buds at the beginning of a meal, where the rind has been sliced fine and brined with a hit of chillies for heat. As part of the Sunday brunch at Raintree, Taj Connemara, Rs 2,600++ or on request. Writer’s Cafe has a variant of this pickled inspiration on request throught the season — that offers a lovely hit of tang, whether in sandwiches or salads. Complimentary. | @brightasunshine

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