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A scene from 'Kathal'

‘Will pack my bags the day I stop learning’: Sanya Malhotra

She talks about playing a small-town cop in 'Kathal', and working with Shah Rukh Khan in 'Jawan'

Published on 4th June 2023
Mango-themed dishes
Including healthy smoothies and juices in your daily routine is an excellent way to increase your energy

Try these five healthy smoothie and juice recipes for energy boosting

These nutrient-dense blends supply a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and hydration

Published on 18th May 2023
Summer bliss

Fruity Bliss: Four easy to make summer mocktails for an indulgent punch

Chef Sohail Karimi from Radisson Blu Resort and Convention Center, Karjat shares his recipes for the summer delights 

Published on 16th May 2023
An avocado plant can take up to three to four years to bear fruit

Here are five exotic Fruits that you can grow at home

Try growing fruits like starfruit, avocado and more using this guide

Published on 14th May 2023
Try out these easy to make jackfruit recipes

Try out these delectable Jackfruit dishes 

Here are some lip-smacking delicacies recipes you can prepare using jackfruit 

Published on 31st March 2023
If you are diabetic it becomes essential for you to keep a check on your eating habits

World Diabetes Day: Here are six food items to consume for a healthier life if you have diabetes

November 14 is marked as World Diabetes Day to raise awareness of the condition

Published on 14th November 2022
Fruits are perfect quick snack because it is full of vitamins and other nutrients

Here are four mistakes you may be making while eating fruit

Fruits are a rich source of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs

Published on 6th December 2022
According to studies, people who are inactive have a higher risk of having a heart attack

Here are seven tips you can follow to keep your heart healthy   

Red meat, fried foods, and baked goods all contain saturated or trans fats, which are linked to heart disease

Published on 5th December 2022
Watermelon Lime Drizzle

Get a healthy kick with Drunken Monkey’s new People’s Choice Smoothies and Bowls

The mutri-rich smoothies work as post-workout drinks, meal replacements, and aid in hydration.

Published on 2nd December 2022
Anjana Sarja in centre

Premium luxury brand Sarjaa debuts with sustainable plant and fruit-based bags in Hyderabad

Anjana Sarja, a dynamic entrepreneur and daughter of South Superstar Arjun Sarja launches her sustainable bags

Published on 11th September 2022

Reverse your diabetes: Simple lifestyle shifts to radically change the way you manage your sugar levels

With a little discipline and patience, you can reduce diabetes medication and even reverse it completely

Published on 7th September 2022
Sitaphal ice cream

Naturals launches Sitaphal Ice-Cream coupled with the grainy bits of the fruit

Get ready to devour a joyful cultural delicacy offering a lip-smacking Sitaphal flavour for all ice-cream connoisseurs to relish a delightful experience

Published on 19th July 2022

Story of a ‘Chakka’ company

The journey of Chakkakkoottam is nothing short of a miracle. A bunch of jackfruit lovers joined a WhatsApp group to promote the fruit and a couple of years later, lo and behold, it’s a full-fledged co

Published on 7th July 2022
Eating fruits can be good for you, if eaten at the right time!

Fruits can be the best source of good nutrition, if eaten in the right season and at the right time

There’s a reason why our parents told us to eat our fruits. But, there’s also a right way and right time to eat them, as we find out…

Published on 1st July 2022

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