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Raji Anand jewellery

Raji Anand’s latest jewellery collection brings disparate elements into a cohesive whole

Created as a daywear edit, we find that the neckpieces are lighter, liberal with its use of colours and contain a lot more contrasting elements than her previous lines

Published on 4th December 2020

Madras Canteen & Grill serves up gorgeous interiors and succulent kebabs

Apart from the buffet, look out for live counters with Turkish pide, shawarmas and waffles

Published on 4th December 2020

Sharath Sundar’s latest collection, Inflorescence redefines summer’s favourite floral muse

Tackling the pattern with his unique design sensibilities, the 27-year-old tells us that he first began by deconstructing the identity and perception of flowers to create something new

Published on 27th November 2020

Where to get your turkey-to-go for a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast in Chennai!

These indulgent takeaway spreads promises everything you could hope for, minus the hassle of washing up after 

Published on 23rd November 2020

These new Italian kitchens in Chennai deliver rustic, home-style classics to your doorstep

Expect hand-rolled pasta, soul-filling lasagne and decadent tiramisu

Published on 27th November 2020

Art Cafe in Chennai serves up board games, warm brews and quick eats

Expect café staples like sandwiches, pasta, platters of fries and veggie steaks 

Published on 27th November 2020

Paloma about town: Thanksgiving diaries, a pageant and a cyclone!

It's been a whirlwind of a week!

Published on 27th November 2020

From cappuccino to cascara, Chennai's coffee offerings has evolved to woo the discerning 

We discover new homegrown speciality coffees and roasteries with exclusive blends, as we go on a coffee drinking trail in Chennai to explore the evolution of the brew in the city

Published on 20th November 2020
Fabscape by Inaki

Chennai designer Lakshmi Subramanian turns her six-year-old’s illustrations into a wearable art collection

A portmanteau of the words fabric and landscape, we learn that the collection is hinged on seven pieces of art created by Lakshmi’s daughter, Mahati

Published on 20th November 2020

DIY pour-overs, filter coffee brews and even speciality beans, here's what new coffee brands are offering 

As we tracked the coffee drinking trends in the city, we came across new brands, specialty beans and DIY pour overs along with South Indian filter coffees

Published on 20th November 2020

TV actor Selvarathinam murdered by a group of men in Chennai

Tamil TV actor Selvarathinam was reportedly hacked to death on Sunday by a group of men in Chennai.

Published on 17th November 2020

Jamun tarts and curry leaf truffles? Ten Diwali fusion desserts in Chennai to try right now

Our curated guide for the ultimate sweet box for the season

Published on 13th November 2020

Burgers to biryani, Chennai's newest cloud kitchen by Fresh Pressery Cafe, is all about comfort food 

From burgers to biryani, the Good Food Company has an eclectic menu that showcases quality ingredient and familiar, homely flavours

Published on 9th November 2020

Motojojo Gatherings in Chennai

Published on 6th November 2020

A look at how theatre groups are keeping the drama alive during the pandemic

Owing to the lockdown restrictions, performing arts have permeated into different mediums as the city's theatre groups produced new work in the past few months

Published on 6th November 2020

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