Swastika Mukherjee, Tanusree Shankar, Doma Wang and more take the Paranthe Wali Galli anniversary challenge

As the popular eatery turns three, chef and owner Rahul Arora came up with a spectacular culinary challenge

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Paranthe Wali Gali

Paranthe Wali Galli's anniversary challenge is a hit!

To mark Paranthe Wali Galli's third anniversary, chef and owner Rahul Arora curated a fantastic series of challenges where he requested popular names in showbiz, food, fashion and hospitality to suggest an unlikely ingredient which he will then use in his paranthas. Guests can actually taste these quirky paranthas during the anniversary month as the casual diner has made them a part of their limited edition menu.

Rahul Arora of Paranthe Wali Galli

This 42-seater parantha joint, situated in the by-lanes of Sarat Bose Road, is renowned for featuring a range of dishes which embrace never-heard-before combinations. Arora explored the famous Paranthe Wali Galli during his stay in Delhi while working with an Indian luxury hotel chain, close to Kinari Bazaar in old Delhi, and immediately realised that this is what Kolkata has been missing. Thus, he came up with Paranthe Wali Galli, which actually sums up the taste and flavour of India in Paranthas.

The anniversary special challenge menu comprises paranthas with ingredients as suggested by names such as Swastika Mukherjee, Tanusree Shankar, Doma Wang, Sneha Singhi, Rukshana A. Kapadia, and more. This challenge menu will be available from November 25 to December 20 and the price range for this start from Rs. 109/- to Rs. 159/- (+taxes).

Here's looking at what the celeb tasters had to say:

Swastika Mukherjee (actor)

Ingredient: Magic Pop 

When Rahul asked me for an ingredient to prepare a parantha out of it, what instantly popped up in
my head was Magic Pop. But I never imagined this parantha will come out so soft, delicious with the
sweet taste of Magic Pop.

The Magic Pop parantha is a part of the limited edition Paranthe Wali Galli menu

Magic Pop has always been very special to me since childhood and now getting my favourite candy flavoured parantha by one of the best chefs in Kolkata is just "Wow". Thanks so much Rahul for this wonderful parantha and wishing Paranthe Wali Galli a very happy 3rd anniversary.

Tanusree Shankar (Dancer, Choreographer, Actor)

Ingredient: Broccoli

Wishing Paranthe Wali Galli a wonderful and delicious Third Anniversary. Rahul, just wanted to say thank you. The Broccoli parantha was to die for. Thank you again.

The broccoli parantha was danseuse Tanusree Shankar's idea

Parama Ghosh (Entrepreneur-Owner of Renowned Boutique Brand Parama)

Ingredient: Payesh

Rahul is a food artiste and a food magician. When I was told that he was taking up a challenge for the
third year anniversary, I had to rack my brains in order to come up with an ingredient that he has not
tried yet, on a parantha.

The Payesh parantha, as suggested by Parama, is an impeccably conceptualised dessert parantha

And when I saw the end result, I didn't have words. Payesh, as a filling inside a parantha made a snack and a dessert rolled into one. May his magic continue and may Paranthe Wali Galli see many more years of culinary delight.

Parama Ghosh
Entrepreneur Parama loves Payesh Paranthas by Rahul

Rukshana A. Kapadia (Hospitality Consultant & Ideator)

Ingredient: Coffee

It's Paranthe Wali Galli By Bon Appétit The Cafe’s third Anniversary & I am the lucky one who was gifted my dream Parantha by Chef Rahul Arora. When he asked me for an ingredient I would love as the hero of my Parantha, I immediately said COFFEE but without any milk!!! Lo, behold he whips up this
absolutely sublime parantha with a black coffee and cake filling with caramel!!

The coffee paranthas are bound to be a hit with coffee-lovers in the city

The perfect balance of taste, not sweet but with the earthiness of coffee and the sinful edge of caramel, it's blissfully fabulous. And he comes to deliver it with a hug and a goody bag with a gorgeous PWG mug and a glass jar filled with candy that brought out the kid in me!! 

Rukshana A. Kapadia
Kapadia found the coffee and caramel paranthas to be delightful (Image: Facebook/ Rukshana A. Kapadia)

Madhushree Basu Roy (Food Writer, Blogger, Recipe Curator, Consultant, Food Stylist & Food Critic)

Ingredient of choice: Peyaj koli (spring onions)

Congratulations to Rahul and congratulations to Paranthe Wali Galli for completing 3 years. It's been a
fabulous journey and what a fantastic job you did out of this unique ingredient. It's a Peyaj Koli parantha
and I can't tell you how much Anindya and I are fighting between both of us as to who's gonna have more and I think I am gonna win it in any case. Congratulations once again and thank you for this lovely Parantha.

The delicious Peyaj Koli (spring onion) parantha as suggested by 

Poorna Banerjee (Blogger)

Ingredient: Mushroom, chicken and cheese

The happiness of having a parantha exactly the way you want - shredded roast chicken, jalapenos,
cheese, mushrooms and crisp garlic were the main components of the parantha I had asked Rahul to
concoct, and boy, did he deliver! This was one heavy and epic parantha! And I recommend eating this
with some chilli sauce.

Chicken, mushroom and cheese parantha

Ritika Jaiswal (Social Influencer)

Ingredient: Pesto Parmesan

‘Tareef karu kya uski jisne tumhe banaya!’ my Pesto Parmesan Parantha was everything out of the
world! So nicely balanced and SO FREAKING DELICIOUS! If you like pesto, this is probably the best thing that you’ll ever taste!

The pesto parmesan parantha

Doma Wang (Entrepreneur-Owner of The Blue Poppy & The Blue Poppy Thakali)

Ingredient: Chives and keema

Sada Gulzar!! Thank you Rahul Arora, my favourite chives and mince parantha and loads of other
goodies. When Rahul called me a week ago and asked me for a Parantha filling that would be “Doma
Wang” I didn’t have to even think 'chives and minces'! And today on the third anniversary of Paranthe Wali Galli I received the same for lunch. Thanks again my dear Rahul. Khush raho!

The chives and keema parantha, as suggested by Doma Wang

Sneha Singhi (Entrepreneur-Owner & Chef at Paris Cafe)

Ingredient: Chilli garlic noodles

I cannot believe that Rahul actually made my dream come true. I couldn’t even have imagined that chilli
garlic noodles parantha would ever be possible to make. Not only did he make it but it also turned out
so so good.

Chilli Garlic Noodles Paratha 

Absolutely yum! I didn’t want to share it with anyone but sadly had to share with my
family. The Wai Wai didn’t taste like Wai Wai, it tasted like authentic noodles, cause of the perfect
combination of the sauces in it. Thank you Rahul.