Curry leaves and chocolate? Kocoatrait’s new spice collection delivers on deliciousness and surprise

Curry leaves to cumin seeds, Kocoatrait’s new collection dives into the Indian kitchen for inspiration   

Sonali Shenoy Published :  09th April 2021 06:00 PM   |   Published :   |  09th April 2021 06:00 PM

Kocoatrait recently launched their new spiced chocolate collection. And we were mighty curious because the list of ingredients ranging from cumin to coriander, fenugreek and green chilli — looks more like a shopping list for a biryani pot than a vat of chocolate! Poonam Chordia, founder of the Chennai-based brand relays with a laugh, that she and husband Nitin, India’s first certified chocolate taster had their apprehensions as well. “We never imagined that curry leaf or fenugreek would work. But even our first taste from the trial batches (cacao sourced from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh) had us convinced that we should pursue these out-of-the-box combinations,” she shares.
Saffron & star anise
We’re glad they did, because shortly after our tasting box arrives — our ‘wait what?’ is quickly replaced by ‘what can I try next?’ The nine chocolate bars on the list are curated as per three themes: single spices (White Chocolate and Saffron, decadent and rich), combination spices with nuts and fruits (intense 70% Dark Chocolate with star anise, Guntur chilli, sea salt and mango) and spice-based beverages (64% Dark Chocolate Sukku Coffee, sadly we couldn’t taste the coffee). As is part of the brand’s sustainability code, this is presented in an eco-friendly palm leaf box with each bar wrapped in zero-waste packaging crafted from reclaimed cotton and cocoa husk. 

We however, are most curious about the only pastel green chocolate bar in our kitty — White Chocolate with green chilli, curry leaf and coconut. Delicate flavour notes are reflective of the “50 plus hours of stone grinding whole spices,” we’re told, for more all-encompassing flavours. We also marvel at how there is an order to which each taste is felt — first the sweet, then the savoury and finally the spice kick. A few squares in and a slow warmth finds its way to your stomach, so this might make for a good companion on your hill station getaway over the summer. 

Second innings
Mumbai-based food researcher Rushina Munshaw was brought on board to bring in her expertise after she began her ‘spice chronicle’ journey during the lockdown, interviewing guests from different Indian states. And apparently, a second spice collection, with her as a collaborator is already underway and will be launched for Diwali. “Our next project is to create nostalgic chocolates with Indian origin cacao,” Poonam signs off.

For more potent flavour notes, we recommend you eat your chocolate at room temperature. Nine chocolate bars at INR 3,450.