Jubilee Hills' Terra Cafe and Bistro welcomes you to its comfort nook of fresh offerings

Visit this recently launched café for a snack-filled hangout including popular treats like the Mexican Style Gol Gappa among other specialities

Chokita Paul Published :  23rd December 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd December 2022 12:00 AM
Inside the cafeteria

Inside the cafeteria

There is much more to cafés than just great coffee. It is a great spot to catch up with friends, read in peace, bring work with you, discuss the day’s news, or think about more solemn matters. Cafés are the most popular dining space in any city. Every Hyderabadi who appreciates coffee and wants to enjoy it while having a casual conversation has found a favourite hangout in one of Hyderabad's newly opened eateries. 

The Terra Cafe and Bistro welcomed us to its profoundly comforting ambience. As we entered, we could already feel the spirit of Christmas kicking in. Besides the fresh greens and the kaleidoscopic and vibrant flowers in pink, maroon and purple, we listened to the soulful music playing in the background – the flute and jazz tunes. Also accompanied by delightful Christmas carols like Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful, and the like that took us back to our school days.

Besides music, we also saw art communities conducting some workshops in which hobbyists and other participants sketched from the life around them. One of them painted the surrounding florals in Claude Monet’s style of impressionism. After a careful study of the café’s interior and outdoor aesthetics, we decided to order in. First came Vietnamese Hot Coffee. Just like the Vietnamese, this coffee also felt like a way of life for us. We gained a lot more than simply a boost of energy – the coffee's coating of espresso, which was delicately tempered with sweetness and a dash of arabica, gave it the charm and aroma we have come to associate it with. 

Vietnamese Hot Coffee

Besides, the Terra Asian Chilli Chicken Sizzler, which arrived after the coffee, provided us with a scrumptious experience. It was garnished with fried glass noodles, curry leaves, a pinch of coriander, lettuce, and fried chicken coated in its house-unique Asian sauce.

Terra Asian Chilli Chicken Sizzler

Up next, we eyed the Mexican Style Gol Gappa and instantly got reminded of the age-old inconclusive debate! It's gol gappe. No, it's pani puri. Jokes aside, while we all are arguing about the ‘right’ name for it, we were also having some serious cravings. When it was placed in front of us, we were stunned to see the café’s inventive style of adding a Mexican impression to this dearest street food of ours. In awe of the sprouts, the avocado, and the cherry tomatoes, topped with banana chips, pomegranate seeds and orange dressing, the salad looked like a rainbow. That said, the gol gappas on roasted red bell paper puree and green tamarind and coriander puree respectively, offered us the snack we needed all this time. 

Mexican Style Gol Gappa

The Chicken Thai Red Curry for the non-veg main course was served with a fresh salad with a mint glaze dressing. As for the gravy, we devoured the chicken tossed in Thai curry. The broccoli, galangal, and the Kaffir lime leaves teased our tastebuds with their tangy, sweet and sour flavours.

Chicken Thai Red Curry

Needless to mention, it became an absolute favourite. And finally, we reach a happy conclusion that only feels complete with the Pourmeup for dessert. As lip-smacking as everything else was, we will keep coming back to this great café especially because of the refreshments and sweet courses we sampled at the end – the Cranberry Coffee and the Pourmeup whose white chocolate dome on the fudge brownie and granulated sugar base, the rice crispies topped with ice cream, and the Belgium hot chocolate sauce. 

Cranberry Coffee

₹1,200 for two. At Jubilee Hills.

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