Thinking of breakfast? Head to these restaurants in Bengaluru that have whipped up interesting breakkie menus

From akki rotti to panini and avocado on toast, restaurants in Bengaluru are now focusing on exclusive morning menus after the night curfew kicked in

author_img Sanath Prasad Published :  18th January 2022 04:15 PM   |   Published :   |  18th January 2022 04:15 PM


There’s a sense of deja vu with the third wave of Covid-19 having kicked in. Curbs, curfews, and restrictions are here. As the hospitality sector continues to take a beating owing to the night curfew, restaurateurs seem to have been working on a new strategy. From opening their doors as early as 9 am to adding a bunch of new food items, restaurants are now catering to the morning crowd. 

Pizza brand Little Italy is planning to open at 10 am and is introducing a set of breakfast options, including paninis, pancakes, waffles, and hot beverages like tea and coffee. “With another wave of the pandemic forcing restrictions upon us, it’s imperative we find ways to maximize our revenue and build new streams of income. Breakfast is one such avenue that can potentially help grow sales for us in the morning hours. We also encourage people to work from our restaurants while they enjoy breakfast,” says Amrut Mehta, chef, and director at Little Italy Group of restaurants. 

Avocado dynamite toast, avocado burger, superfoods green smoothie bowl and therapeutic tea – Santé Spa Cuisine at Indiranagar is now open for breakfast from 9am. “Earlier we used to open at 11 am but now we have advanced it to 9 am. A lot of people showed interest in coming early and that is when we decided to curate a breakfast menu that can attract the morning crowd. We are also delivering breakfast during the weekend curfew as well,” says Pallavii Gupta, co-partner,  Santé Spa Cuisine. 

If you thought a pub would restrict itself to beverages alone, things have changed since last week. Byg Brewski Brewing Company is now anticipating early customers due to the night curfew and this has forced them to introduce a traditional South Indian brunch menu coupled with beverages. “Since the night curfew kicked in,  we wanted to expand on the brunch menu. We now serve akki rotti, ragi rotti, puliyogare and mosappu at our pub. Although it does not fit the pub’s template, we are expecting customers to savour a traditional brunch in the coming days,” says Ajay Gowda, director of Byg Brewski Brewing Company. 

Surendra Kedia, owner of Cafe Reset and Reset Kormanagala, says, “We are now starting our services from 7:30 am. We expect a lot of early risers, because of which we have curated a tailor-made menu. We finds a lot of working professionals coming and working out of here in the mornings, many of whom opt for an English breakfast.”