This exclusive menu at ITC Gardenia’s Kebabs & Kurries is a must-try for its North Indian delicacies

Some delicacies from the menu include Tursh E Paneer, Murgh Gilafi Seekh, Murgh Kalmi Kebab, Bhuna Gosht and lots more
In frame: Tursh E Paneer
In frame: Tursh E Paneer

If you are looking for luxury dining that specialises in North Indian cuisine, Kebab & Kurries in ITC Gardenia, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Bengaluru, is one of the options that always comes up. Maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s the rustic interiors, or maybe it’s a combination of both that brings people back to the place. The restaurant recently rolled out an exclusive menu by custodian chef Mohammed Shareef, which includes dishes that the chef has perfected over decades. This was the perfect opportunity for us to understand what the restaurant stands for and why people choose to come back.

We arrived at the restaurant for dinner on a Sunday, and the place, with its earthy and rustic ambience, was the perfect spot for a family dinner or a romantic date. With some hindustani classical music playing in the background, we found ourselves a comfortable spot and cozied in. After a brief chat with Chef Shareef, we were now eager to see what was in store for us.

<strong><em>Murgh Rizala</em></strong>
Murgh Rizala

Our dinner began with a couple of vegetarian starters—Tursh E. Paneer and Dal Harra Moong Mughlai. The former was cottage cheese stuffed with a mixture of pomegranate, cheese and spring onion. The flavours were enhanced with hints of smokiness and a subtle tanginess, and that made all the difference. Talking about the Dal Harra Moong Mughlai, it was more delicate and had a texture that made it melt in your mouth perfectly. These were followed by a couple of non-vegetarian options: Murgh Kalmi Kebab and Murgh Gilafi Seekh. The kebab was marinated in a mixture of yoghurt, malt vinegar, and ginger garlic paste and cooked in a tandoor, while the Murgh Gilafi Seekh was chargrilled with bell peppers along with herbs and spices.

<strong><em>Murgh Kalmi Kebab</em></strong>
Murgh Kalmi Kebab

Our focus then shifted to the main course, where we took of a Murgh Rizala and Bhuna Gosht, along with a selection of breads. We tore away a piece of naan and first tried it with the Murgh Rizala. The use of cashew nuts while cooking explained why the dish was more on the creamier side. It also paired perfectly with rice. The Bhuna Gosht, on the other hand, had lamb chunks that were delicate and yet had a nice bite to it. We finished our dinner on a sweet note, with a simple Kulfi and a Gulab Jamun, both perfectly complementing the meal.

Meal for two: INR 3,000 onwards. At Residency Road.

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