Experience the delightful fusion of nutritious and flavourful Kumaoni cuisine at this Bengaluru hotel

This food festival promises a delightful culinary experience, blending nutritious ingredients with mouthwatering flavours
In frame: Kumaoni thali
In frame: Kumaoni thali

Struggling to find a meal that is both healthy and comforting? Look no further! We discovered the perfect solution: the Kumaon food festival at THE Park on Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bengaluru. This ongoing festival promises a delightful culinary experience, blending nutritious ingredients with mouthwatering flavours. Eager to explore the unique tastes of Kumaoni cuisine, we couldn't resist the opportunity to indulge in this gastronomic adventure.

In frame: Kumaoni thali
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We started with a refreshing round of beverages. First up! Claypot negroni- a gin-based drink, that was strikingly red, infused with clay pot essence that transported us to the hills of Uttarakhand. The Himalayan prescription had a strong turmeric flavour alongside orange, lime and ginger with a garnish of thyme. And, it was just as delicious.

Before we could begin feasting, we were served a chilled buttermilk infused with spring garlic complemented by a mix of stone-crushed green chilli and rock salt layered on cucumbers, it offered a cool yet tangy start to the meal.

Coming to the main course, the thali we were served looked straight out of the charmingly rustic hills of Uttarakhand. On instinct, we grabbed the Jungli Chaap, coriander-marinated lamb cooked to perfection. Its tenderness and flavourfulness spoke volumes for itself. Continuing, we were presented with a bread basket boasting an enticing array of mixed grain flatbreads such as Lesua, Ragi and Makke ki roti served with white butter.

The next item we tasted, the Shikar Ghost, transported us back to our grandmother’s kitchen. This mutton curry, fragrant with an orchestra of ground spices, whispered promises of simpler times and the simple joy found in a hearty meal. Another dish that dripped with the same homeliness and comfort was Murgh ki tari--succulent chicken pieces cooked in a flavourful gravy with minimal spices.

Gahat ki Dal turned out to be the perfect choice for vegetarians, hearty black bean lentils cooked with an array of spices, quite rich yet light on the stomach. These nutritious gravy-based dishes were accompanied by Lal bhat, nutty and thick red rice known for its richness in fiber.

The Kumaoni raita which had a strong punch of mustard promising a tangy twist, and left us craving for more, deserves a special mention too. To end on a sweet note, we tried the  Jhangora ki Kheer. The milk pudding made with barnyard millets and adorned with pistachios proved to be irresistible making it the perfect finale to our meal.

Overall, this food festival perfectly encapsulates the essence of Kumaoni cuisine, a refreshing alternative to our usual dining options, satisfying our craving for wholesome food which will make your heart happy and your tummies full.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In frame: Kumaoni thali
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INR 4,100++ for two. On till June 16. At  Monsoon, THE Park, MG Road.

Story by  Jaanhvi Nagpal

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