Dig into a ‘Bowl’ ful at The Astor Kolkata

Check out hot and cold bowls in veg and non-veg options at the ongoing Soul Bowl Menu
Check out the ongoing Soul Bowl Menu
Check out the ongoing Soul Bowl Menu

Embark on a culinary ‘bowlful’ cruise with The Astor Kolkata’s ongoing Soul Bowl menu. A bowlful of fusion flavours that goes with every palate has been thoughtfully curated by expert chefs. The menu offers you a taste of cold bowls including a potful of confit Turkey, caramelised figs, red onion, grapefruits, chilli vinaigrette, and a medley of lettuce that takes care of your health and nutrition as well. Hot bowls come in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options including Vodka pesto, asparagus Manchurian or braised tofu, and the likes of Thai chicken curry, roasted pork, pan fried chilli fish for the meat lovers. But wait, desserts are also served in a bowl here. Check out Banana Split or The Astor Banoffee pudding to conclude your meal.

What: Soul Bowl Menu

Where: The Astor Kolkata

When: 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm

What: Soul Bowl Menu

Price for two (approx): Rs 1150

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