This ‘Mangolicious’ pop-up in Kolkata by chef Dyuti Banerjee should be on your charts this weekend

You can choose from a four/seven/nine course wholesome experience
Items on offer
Items on offer Partha Saha

Take the name of the King of Fruits- Mango and what comes to your mind? The sweetness of the pulp or the tanginess of the raw mango? Kolkata Chef and Masterchef contestant Dyuti Banerjee harnesses the versatility of this fruit and curates the Aamer Summer Menu in collaboration with Amar Khamar which is available, via reservation service only, at Annaja for lunch and dinner till June 9. The menu consists of a four-course, seven-course and nine-course menus and one can opt for the preferred choice. Indulge went over to have lunch and savour in the flavours of the entire course.

Aamshotto Ceviche Roll
Aamshotto Ceviche RollPartha Saha

We began with the Aamshotto Ceviche Roll with jhaal cream sauce. The sweetness of the Aamshotto and the savouriness of the filling inside was very well balanced out with the spicy sauce which was drizzled on top of the roll. Taking the shape of a cigar, this starter was finished off in two quick bites but it did lay the ground for what was to come after.

Items on offer
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Cream of Mango Soup
Cream of Mango SoupPartha Saha

The Cream of Mango Soup with Khosha fritters and Leboo pora could brilliantly catch the sweetness of the mango while the savoury but crisp potato peel (Khosha fritters) fries were a welcomes texture breaker which added a crunch to the velvety soup. The lemon elevated the flavours with a citrusy zing to the palate.

Aam Moody
Aam MoodyPartha Saha

A witty take on the Amudi fishes was the third course called Aam Moody. The Amudi fish crisps were crunchy and crispy which complemented the Aamrul Aamras Salsa Verde and the Kancha Aam Phyanabhaat mousse. The Salsa Verde had that tangy after-kick along with the freshness of the vegetables while the phyanabhaat mousse with raw mango made the dish a perfect combination of savoury-lemony –tangy flavours.

Tok Dal Pasta
Tok Dal Pasta Partha Saha

If you love pasta, then the next course would win your heart. Made with Tok Dal the pasta strands were made from scratch. The chilli flakes gave it the spicy flavour. It was served with the quintessential Bengal classic Jhuri Aloo Bhaja and Aam Ombol Mayo. The Mayo’s tanginess balanced the spiciness of the pasta while the Aloo bhaja stirred in nostalgia with every crunch.

Frooti Fermented Brew
Frooti Fermented BrewPartha Saha

Taking a break from the mouth-watering courses we sipped on Frooti Fermented Brew. This light and wholesome drink was much required before moving on to the rest of the courses.

Mango Posto Potoler Dolma
Mango Posto Potoler DolmaPartha Saha

The sixth course on the menu was the Mango Posto Potoler Dolma. While Potoler Dolma is a very common dish cooked in most Bengali households, Dyuti’s twist to it is what made it so charming. Served with Paanchforon Bhaat and Sambal, while the pointed gourd was filled with mango and post, the surprise in the meal was that the Sambal had chingri (prawn) shutki.

Aam Pora Mamsam
Aam Pora MamsamPartha Saha

The last of the main course was the soft and succulent mutton in Aam Pora Mamsam with bread halwa. The use of curry leaves gave it a Southern –inspired touch.

Pipre Kandiya Jaay Paate
Pipre Kandiya Jaay PaatePartha Saha

As we slowly moved to the dessert Pipre Kandiya Jaay Paate, the flavours changed from tangy and spicy to mildly sweet. This one made with Aam Doodh bhaat spheres in honey cream with caramelised banana gel, frozen aam and aamshotto chiffonade was an amalgamation of several elements into one delicious dessert. Each of the elements provided different textures and flavour to the dish making it stand out.

Items on offer
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Mango Carpaccio
Mango CarpaccioPartha Saha

To end our meal was a palate cleanser Mango Carpaccio with fennel, candied betel leaf and mishti shoopoori. This minty mouth-freshener not only completed the meal on a very high and satisfactory note but was also quite addictive in itself.

We definitely recommend you to come over and try out the menu at the earliest not only because of the delicious flavours but also because of the careful thought that has been put in to curate each course. With local produce and fresh ingredients along with a variety of mangoes what stands out is the narrative weaved in from start to finish progressed by each course.

Dyuti Banerjee
Dyuti BanerjeePartha Saha

What: Aamer Summer by Dyuti Banerjee X Amar Khamar

Where: Annaja , 21 B Hindusthan Road

When: till June 9 (Lunch and Dinner service)

Registration: via official website of Amar Khamar

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