Cherish the flavours of North East in this North Eastern Spice Trail in Kolkata

Head over to this fine diner till June 23 for lunch and dinner and taste the best of flavours
Prescilla Z Chopra (L)
Prescilla Z Chopra (L) Partha Saha

If you want to take a break from your household food and indulge yourselves in the North East cuisine, then head over to Kava at Fairfield by Marriott that is hosting Chef Prescilla Z Chopra who is cooking the best of North-Eastern fares for you throughout the pop-up duration till June 23.

You would find imprints of culinary nuances from each of the eight States of the North- East and an amalgamation of their ingredients, food habits, trends, flavours and spices is what makes up this menu a unique one. Indulge headed over to the pop-up one afternoon and here is what we have to recommend.

Prescilla Z Chopra (L)
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Partha Saha

We kicked off lunch with Pork Khorisa, a delicious dish of diced pork in skewers. The pork was perfectly cooked, soft and moist. The smoky flavour elevated its taste and made it a good way to begin the meal with.

Partha Saha

Up next was Chicken with black sesame cooked in bamboo hollow. this dish incorporated a major ingredient in North East cuisine and that is bamboo. Although the bamboo was not present for eating, it indeed left its subtle flavours over the succulent chicken pieces cooked with grinded black pepper and black sesame. What was interesting about the dish was that the pepper did not aggravate its spiciness but gave it just the right amount of heat. It can very well be eaten by anyone who doesn't like spicy food as well.

Partha Saha

The dish that won our hearts out of the entire lot was the Mutton with Green Papaya. For mutton lovers, this cannot be given a miss. With the flavours of raw papaya and the softness of the mutton pieces, this dish deserves to be on your plate.

Partha Saha

The menu goes one notch higher with the exotic preparation of Duck with potatoes. For those who like to experiment with meat or like to eat duck, this item would be a must to check out.

Each of the items could be had with plain white rice or roti as per preference. We tried it with a little bit of both and felt its versatility when the flavours worked well with both kinds of sides.

Pani Pitha wrap
Pani Pitha wrapPartha Saha

We wrapped up the meal with Narikol Laru,a less sweet version of Bengal's own coconut nadu; and Pani Pitha, wrap which was again another take on Bengal's pitha with added jaggery that lent the dish its minimal sweetness.

Prescilla Z Chopra (L)
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Overall, the North Eastern Spice Trail is a delight which should not be missed. With over 15-16 dishes on the menu which can be eaten as buffet or a la carte, its a food lover's delight.

What: North Eastern Spice Trail

Where: Fairfield by Marriott

Timings: Lunch and Dinner

When: till June 23

Reservations: 7605086818

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