A quick look at fifteen Puja special menus by famous Kolkata diners

We pick out some best offers across city diners for you

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Durga Puja Food Offers 2022

Durga Puja is all about celebrating togetherness with good food and company, and there’s not a single soul in Bengal that doesn’t look forward to these five days for a much needed relaxation from the year-long hullabaloo. The festival calls for some gastronomic adventures as well, hence we pick out some best offers across city diners for you

The Oberoi Grand

The Oberoi Grand is known for its grandeur mixed with subtle hints of Kolkata nostalgia. This pujo head out to The Grand’s Ballroom to enjoy their sumptuous Pujor Mahabhoj that pays tribute to the culinary diversity of Bengal. Featuring exquisite delicacies, the spread complements the biggest festival of harmony, creativity and human spirit in every way. One can expect the elaborate buffet to cover favourites like Chingri Malai Curry, Kosha Mangsho, Pabdar Jhal, Bhetki Paturi to Tel Koi and more. There’s even better news for the connoisseurs with a sweet tooth as the offering will also include a wide range of delectable mishtis typical to this region.

What: Grand Pujor Mahabhoj

When: October 2- 4 (12:30 pm to 3 pm & 7 pm to 10:30pm); October 5 (12:30 pm- 3 pm)

Price: Rs. 2950 per person



Taj Bengal

The elite Alipore address will be home to a Puja special gastronomic adventure for four days up till Dashami. Head out to Sonargaon at Taj Bengal for a scrumptious Bengali buffet during the Pujas and pick from vegetarian, non-vegetarian, fish & seafood thali options. Each of the thalis will be elaborate enough to accommodate more than ten specialties beginning from Gondhoraj Lebur Ghol and ending with house made sweets like Chhenar Jelapi. People who can’t do away with their dose of non-vegetarian items even during the Pujas, can expect treats like Kashundi Machher Cutlet, Machher Matha Diye Moong Dal and Gota Mashlar Khashir Mangsho. Strict vegetarians on the other hand can indulge in Dhokar Dalna, Potoler Korma and more.

What:  Pujo Special Thali

When: October 2nd- 5th (12:30 pm to 3:30 pm; 7 pm to 11 pm)

Price: Rs. 2600++ taxes per person




Savour authentic, delectable Bengali delicacies at the spectacular Rashmanch banquet at Raajkutir as they are set to lay an elaborate spread themed around grand Bengali mansions and their celebratory dishes. Titled Raajbarir Bhuribhoj the buffet will be available for lunch and dinner on all days during the Pujas up till Dashami. For a special ala carte menu, head out to the East India Room for lunch or dinner with your family and friends.

What: Raajbarir Bhurbhoj

When: October 1st- 5th (12 pm to 4:30 pm; 7 pm to 11:30 pm)

Price: Rs. 1799 per person and Rs. 899 per kid aged 6 to 12 years (Buffet)


ITC Sonar & ITC Royal Bengal

Be enthralled with cultural performances as you savour authentic delicacies made from age-old recipes from Bengali kitchens at buffets titled The Royal Mahabhoj that will be on for five days up till Nabami at the Bengal Stateroom. Separate specialised buffets and A la carte menu will be available at the respective fine dining restaurants in both the properties. ITC Hotel Kolkata’s Concierge is also prepped up to assist you on a gastronomic adventure through the culinary history of our city. Chefs and Food Sherpas will share their passion for gastronomy with you through journeys into popular food destinations spiced with tales of legendary legacies. Don’t just fine dine at a restaurant this Pujo but head out for a curated Pujo tour while indulging in the luxurious attention of this property.

What: The Royal Mahabhoj

When: October 1st- 4th

Price: Rs. 3499++ taxes per person; Concierge prices available on request




This pujo treat yourself with an extravagant palate at Seasonal Tastes as they offer you an array of live stations, Kolkata street food, classic Bengali delicacies and a premium range of beverages. From Sashti up till Dashami, the menu has been crafted skilfully to blend subtle flavours and create an amazing spread featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. Nori will also be home to an exquisite Asian feast for the five significant days of Pujo with a range of salads, sushis and dim sums like Som Tam Salad,  Indonesian Rainbow Bakwan and Crispy Fish Salt and Pepper to name a few. Patrons can also indulge in some rooftop flavourful experiences at the 32 Helipad Lounge. The Banquet will showcase all day food stalls at the lawns for foodies to enjoy delicacies in the open air.

What: Westin Bhuribhoj & Sky High Bhoj

When: October 1st- 5th

Price: Rs. 2299 onwards per person



JW Marriott

The Durga Puja Mahabhoj will be showcased at the Grand Ballroom on Saptami, Ashtami and Navami as a tribute to the authentic and intrinsic flavours of Bengal. The menu brings together the ambrosial local ingredients to stir up some all time Bengali favourites such as Gondhoraj Fish Tikka, Echorer Dalna, Aam Kasundi Paneer and Posto Murgi to name a few. The mindfully crafted menu at JW Kitchen will also host a spectacular sojourn of cuisines ranging from Indian, Continental to Asian for food aficionados. Their signature pan-Asian restaurant Vintage Asia will also be offering a Puja special a la carte menu from Sashti to Dashami.

What: Durga Puja Mahabhoj

When: October 1st- 5th (12:30 pm onwards)

Price: Rs 2599 onwards per person



Oudh 1590

With Bengal’s most grand festival knocking at the door, Oudh 1590 is prepping up in full swing to host connoisseurs during the special five days of Pujo. Kolkata’s famed period dining restaurant is brewing Durga Puja specials in their kitchen that will go on for three more days after the festivities end. The menu boasts of a wide range of delicacies in both non vegetarian and vegetarian options such as Paneer Sugandhi Kebab, Subz Makhkhan Masala and Paneer Korma for vegetarians and Mutton Galawati Kebab, Awadhi Handi Biryani and Nehari Khaas for meat lovers.

What: Durga Puja specials

When: September 29th- October 8th

Price: Rs. 1000++ taxes



To Die For

To Die For is undoubtedly a distinctive vegetarian paradise for gastronomes and they are sure to stun during the Pujas too. The Durga Puja fusion menu includes Rubochon Mashed Potatoes with Portobello marinated in Kasundi and balsamic, served with mushroom pate and truffle. Spaghetti with Posto on the other hand is served with lemon and spinach, while Lal Saag Risotto and Caramel Milk Panna Cotta served with coffee sauce too stand out as unique conversation starters during the festivities. If you prefer to honour the food on your palate as an art work, we definitely recommend you to try To Die For to experience food in all its glory.

What: Durga Puja Fusion Specials

When: October 1st- 5th (Noon to 11 pm)

Price: Rs. 2500++ taxes



The Salt House

Indulge in an extensive spread of regional delicacies that bring together global food and local ingredients. Suited for a regional palate, the delicacies include a wide variety of starters beginning from Mochar Chop to Nachos & Ghoogni Chaat, and Miso Chicken Kebab to Grilled Togarashi Bhetki. The mains feature some unparalleled vegetarian spectacles such as Sweet Potato Gnocchi in Posto Gravy and Tsh Trio Daal, while the non vegetarian options include Doi Bhetki, Kosha Mangsho and Mutton Chaap. End the meal on a sweet note with desserts like Baked Yoghurt & Rabri, Payesh Parfait and Narkol Chenna Swiss Roll.

What:  Durga Puja Buffet

When: October 1st- 5th (Noon to  4 pm; 7 pm to 11:30 pm)

Price: Rs 1275 (Veg); Rs 1625 (Non Veg) per person




The Delhi based global cuisine restro bar has launched a Pujo special menu keeping in mind the local flavour with mouth- watering dishes such as Nuclear Naan, Bang Bang Pork Chilli, Keema Ghotala Karari Roti and Kosha Mangsho Cigar Roll. Visit this eatery if you are looking to indulge in comfort food in a vibrant serringt.

What: Durga Puja Special

When: September 30th – October 5th

Price: Rs. 2500++ for two




A culinary trip to Italy from a festive special ala carte menu includes dishes like Peace a Pattante, Fettuccine in Buttery Prawns, Mango Cheesecake, Veneto Seafood Platter Chef’s Special Meat Lovers’ Pizza. Pair it with some of their signature cocktails for a flavourful scrumptious meal post pandal hopping trips.

What: Durga Puja Menu

When: September 30th – October 5th

Price: Rs. 2000++ for two




A budget friendly Bengali restaurant, Saptapadi boasts of quality offerings true to the regional roots. The restaurant has come up with both buffet and thali curations during Pujo across its four outlets. While the Saradiya Banglar Thali will be available at the South Kolkata outlets of Purna Das Road and Baghajatin, the buffet will fill hungry bellies at the Salt Lake and Behala hubs. The thali features mouth- watering options like Sahebi Vetki, Jalporir Jhal, Phoolkopir Mohima to name a few, while the buffet boasts of a five course authentic Bengali meal.

What: Saradiya Bangla Buffet and Thali

When: September 28th- October 10th (Noon to 10:30pm)

Price: Rs. 899+ per person (Thali); Rs. 999+ per person (Buffet)



Sonar Tori

Choose to indulge in a luxurious Bengali thali or some chef’s pick delicacies at Sonar Tori this Durga Pujo. The fine dining restaurant is known for bringing together the culinary nuances from both sides of Bengal under one roof and hence you can expect to experience regional delicacies in its true form from traditional recipe books passed down through generations. Some star dishes from Sonar Tori Puja menu include Ghoti Kebaba, Mangsher Shammi Kebab, Mangsher Bhuna and Pomfret Macher Jhal.

What: Durga Pujo Special Menu

When: September 28th- October 9th (Noon to 11 pm)

Price: Non-veg thali - Rs 1549 AI 

Veg Thali - 1249 AI 

Child Thali - 1049 AI