Binge Pop in Chennai delivers gourmet popcorn to your doorstep

This gourmet popcorn brand delivers flavours that range from Boost to biryani

Sonali Shenoy Published :  05th March 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th March 2021 07:00 AM

Look out for options like popcorn drizzled with chocolate and beverage-inspired flavours like Bournvita!

A popcorn cloud kitchen in the midst of a pandemic sounds genius — especially given the massive increase of screentime that we can all admit to at one point or another. But Chennai-based Binge Pop that launched two weeks ago, has a bigger USP — their whacky flavour list that ranges from Boost to biryani!

Ready to eat
Even better, every package is ready-to-eat. No shaking, no microwaving and since you’re in the comfort of your own couch — no mandated sharing!

Co-founder and engineering graduate Vishal Gurusami tells us that the idea was drawn from his own personal craze for Caramel popcorn, first tasted at a popular cineplex in the city. And after eight to 10 weeks of R&D alongside his chartered account partner, Saranya R, and a food consulting company in Mumbai — the recipes and flavour list began to take form. “Our menu is split into an even, six savoury and six sweet flavours,” Vishal tells us. 

Butter and Bournvita
Look out for the classic simple but never-fail seasoning combo of salt and butter (El Classico) to popcorn drizzled with white and dark chocolate (Romance in the Alps) and a fun section for little ones who refuse to drink their milk (with beverage-inspired flavours like Boost and Bournvita).

Oats in my popcorn?
It doesn’t stop there. This menu also caters to fitness enthusiasts. Vishal elaborates, “We have come up with a whey protein flavour for folks who would like to have a protein-rich cheat meal.” Appropriately named FitGreek it contains 24 grams of whey protein, while another option in their healthy niche, Yogic Delight, surprises us with oats in the mix! 

Order online. INR 90 to INR 150 for 100 grams.