Flipside Burgers in Chennai brings American-style ‘smashed’ burgers to town

Chef Deepesh Attupatath tells us to expect crisp edges, a juicier middle and an all-round more delicious bite!
The Standard
The Standard

Flipside Burgers are a smash. Literally. Opened in Alwarpet a few weeks ago, the 26 seater rolls out eight varieties of American-style ‘smashed’ patties which owner Taruna Hinduja points out is a fairly new concept to Chennai’s fast food scene. Patties of beef, chicken or lamb are slapped on to a high heat iron skillet and pressed down, with a spatula, for that perfect sear which according to chef Deepesh Attuputath ensures “crisp edges, a juicier middle and an all-round more delicious bite”.

Make the cut
As though this isn’t mouth-watering imagery enough for our imagination, he breaks down further nuances of the preparation process. “Each patty is prepared with a strategic blend of meat cuts (80 percent leg, chuck, tenderloin) combined with 20 percent fat for maximum flavour,” says the chef, who also happens to head the kitchen at recently-opened Coffee?  co-run by Taruna and her brother-in-law, cinematographer Nirav Shah. A lot people throw the fat away, but really, that’s where all the flavour is!” he tells us. That said, there is an option on the menu that swaps out buns for lettuce (The Skinny) — if you’re on a diet, but still don’t want to miss out. 

However, this reporter will do no such thing: and is eager to try ’em all — with buns (sourced from French Loaf) ranging from regular to focaccia to toast! We waste no time and dig into burger number one — The Standard. Right away, we love that this burger, like most on the menu, arrives with not one but two patties. Our succulent beef patties are paired with crispy bacon rashes that offer a salty kick, a homemade secret sauce, a slice of tomato, cheese slices and impressively fresh, hydroponic lettuce that looks straight out of a commercial. 

<em>Flipside Burgers is a compact 26-seater located at Bava Street, Alwarpet</em>
Flipside Burgers is a compact 26-seater located at Bava Street, Alwarpet
<em>How lovely is this chocolate milkshake presentation?</em>
How lovely is this chocolate milkshake presentation?

We take a quick break over sips of the Chocolate Milkshake before our next burger. Instagrammable and thoughtfully put together, this arrives with a tiny bar of chocolate peeking through on one end and a Bourbon biscuit for a side serving of nostalgia on the other. But impresses more for its presentation than flavour.

<em>Beer Battered Onion Rings</em>
Beer Battered Onion Rings

Lord of the rings

Although, the Beer Battered Onion Rings and Bag O’Chips quickly redeem the sides on offer. The latter made with Lays chips and topped with onions, pickled gherkins and cheddar sauce is even served in a half-cut Lays packet, saving on plates and looking pretty darn kitsch. 

<em>Louisiana Fry Master</em>
Louisiana Fry Master

But back to our burgers. If you’re all about the meat — The Lousiana Fry Master is where the action is at. Expect double chicken patties, breaded and fried, with gooey mozzarella, garlic aioli and a subtle subtle hint of sweetness from the caramelized onions — seamlessly bringing it all together, while cutting through the richness of the meat and cheese. Heavy-as-hell, this one is all meat, crunch and cheesy oomph — and will leave you feeling like you can skip dinner and possibly breakfast the next day. 

Fret not, if you’re vegetarian, though. You can try any of the burgers on the menu with a special veggie patty made with an assortment of seasonal vegetables and breaded potato — smashed, 
seared, delivered. 

Burgers are INR 200 to INR 350. Sides at INR 175. Available in the meat of your choice or veg. Delivery only, during the lockdown.

‘Patty’ on the back

We love that every burger comes with a generous double patty filling.

Regular buns to custom focaccia ones and even toast, this spot offers just as much choice with your fillings as it does your bread choices.

 ■ Delivered in eco-friendly paper packaging that is snugly wrapped around the burger so the fillings stay intact.

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