Feast your senses on Tamil Nadu delicacies as part of this festival at Savera in Chennai 

Look out for specials like Pallipalayam chicken, Mutton Kola and Kuzhi paniyaram
Pic courtesy: Shreyak Singh on Unsplash
Pic courtesy: Shreyak Singh on Unsplash

This Tamil Nadu food festival at Malgudi is an array of different cuisines, from different landscapes of this traditionally rich state. The culinary team has curated delicacies that range from Kurinji and Mullai - Nilgairi khorma to Chinatamani chicken, Pallipalayam chicken, Seyam, Therakal, Mandi and Kootan choru. From Marutham – Chettinad to mutton kola, Aatu kaal pelage roast, Kuzhi paniyaram, Aadi kumayam and Paruthi paal. Also look out for Neithal – Kuchi yeral, Vaaval meen, Porippu, Sura puttu and Muskot halwa.

Before you dig in, here is a brief history of the cuisine. Tamil Nadu is unity of five different landscapes such as Kurinji, Mullai, Neithal, Marutham, Palai. These areas later were differentiated as ruling territories of Cheras, Cholas and Pandiyas. Each territory excelled in distinct cuisines, which later gave Tamil Nadu a diversity in food and culture. While food is spicy and is peppered with a number of powdered ingredients to make it nutritious and healthy, enjoy a well-structured menu with vegetables, cereals and a good amount of sambar (or kozhambhu) to go with white rice. Of course when it comes to tiffin items, nothing can beat the combination of idli, dosa, chutney and vada.

Available for lunch and dinner. Ongoing till November 27. Meal for two at INR 2,000.

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