The Good Life Eatery in Chennai has a brand new menu to get you healthy, minus the hassle of a subscription

Their menu serves salads, pizza and pasta. Look out for 'Just Like Breakfast' shakes lined up next!

Sonali Shenoy Published :  04th February 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  04th February 2022 07:00 AM

Very peri pizza

Until last month, if you wanted a nutrition-dense meal from The Good Life Eatery — you would need to be on their subscription list. But after two years of catering to clientele looking to get healthier — with meals that are calorie counted and macro balanced — partners Jayashree Ramamoorthy (33) and Joshita Ramanathan (33) are gearing up to go mainstream via the food aggregator route. Launching on February 14, expect an all-new menu featuring salads, pasta and pizza and, we’re told, ‘Just Like Breakfast’ shakes in the pipeline soon.


Seedai salad

Seedai of truth
We were sent a curated assortment of samplers ahead of the launch. And can honestly say, post our taste session: if we ever wanted to pick a route to J Lo-like abs via the kitchen, this would be it. The crunchy toasted garlic Seedai (rice flour-based fried snack) salad with romaine lettuce, tempered cucumber chunks and pomegranate for sweetness makes for a swell appetiser or midday snack. Common as a South Indian tea-time favourite, we like this reimagined use of the familiar and much-loved seedai. “The whole salad has been centred around this ingredient. It’s like a love letter of food in Tamil...” Jayashree tells us. We smile and nod in agreement, drizzling on the thick ginger coriander yoghurt dressing that we are tempted to just dip our finger into and eat as is, out of the tub. 


Pesto tagliatelle

Pear it like...
For a more classic combination, opt for the Pear and Feta salad which comes with hydroponically-grown cherry tomatoes and rocket. “The pears are slow-cooked in a red wine reduction,” Jayashree shares, lending a depth of flavour, amidst bocconcini cheese, pumpkin seeds and a tangy bell pepper vinaigrette. For mains, we find our bowl of Pesto Tagliatelle quite wholesome and comforting, with fittings like zucchini, corn and goat’s cheese for texture and flavour. Jayashree tells us that even if you opt for the non-vegetarian bowl, there is an option to ‘protein up’ with choices like tofu, paneer chicken and shrimp (70 to 100 gms).

Peri good
However, the high point of our meal are the 10-inch thin crust pizzas. Packing in oodles of oomph and goodness, we recommend The Cheese Factory with feta, mascarpone, burrata and parmesan on a bed of tomato sauce. And an added touch of caramelised walnuts take the whole experience up a notch. The Very Peri pizza with grilled peri peri chicken comes in a close second with that familiar hit of spice and a shallot confit to make those slices pop. 

Meal for two INR 800. Available on Swiggy, Zomato and Dotpe.

What’s next?

Look out for smoothies, protein shakes and desserts like brown butter brownies, strawberry cheesecake and gluten-free apple pie coming soon. While the team is working on the packaging of their popular Chocolate Peanut Butter, Orange and Raisin Granola bars for a roll-out, you could order them via
a DM on Instagram.