Tamil Nadu street food will come together with VR dining at Kari Theory, a new restobar at Radisson  Blu Hotel GRT Chennai

Brain Omelettes to Burma Nagar Atho, expect authentic flavours and a few delicious surprises...
Brain omelette, anybody?
Brain omelette, anybody?

Tamil Nadu street food comes alive at Chennai’s newest restobar, Kari Theory. And in avatars you have likely never imagined. Parotta soil, for instance, was a game changer for us plated like beach sand on a platter with crisp Nethili Fry. And appam batter is poured into a waffle iron, lending guests a route to experience this Kerala classic in a whole new way. Executive Chef Kishore Kumar Neethinathan, who is the man behind the menu at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai, tells us that this is just the beginning. 

VR ready to taste
Soon there will be a virtual reality experience layered into every dining experience. “Imagine putting on a 3D headset and watching a fisherman get on his boat, go out to sea and make a catch, complete with sounds of the waves and even the smell of the ocean,” chef Kishore paints us a picture. “Now take off your headset to find a plate of fish fry in front of you, fresh off the pan,” he says.

<em>Burma Nagar Atho</em>
Burma Nagar Atho

We find this out over a hearty round of Brain Omelettes and Burmese-style Atho, and are excited to note that this vision is not in the distant future, but should be up and running within a month. Also look out for fondant QR code menus you can scan and then eat and even 3D printed plates that transport you to the location your food is from! 

Over sips of our litchi-based True Love Manmadha Rasa, we are told, that unlike a lot of star hotels who have been known to take street food from relatable to gourmet, this chef hopes to do the opposite. “We want to serve street food just like it is, authentic down to the masala blends you would find in a village in Thoothukudi or Salem,” he says. 

<em>True love manmadha rasa</em>
True love manmadha rasa
<em>Murukku cheese sandwich</em>
Murukku cheese sandwich

Once upon an intestine
So much so, that his team spent several months travelling to interior parts down South on the hunt for recipes. “One of our chefs stayed a week to get the exact proportions for masalas in the Courtallam Meen Kozhambu because they didn’t want to share it,” he tells us as the curry is served, rustic and flavourful. There are also stories of dishes that haven’t made it to the menu but make for fascinating conversation all the same. Like a wedding ceremony in Sivaganga that chef Kishore attended where mutton biryani was served. “Later that day, I was invited for a game of cards, and for a snack, they brought out the most buttery intestine chips,” he recalls. Definitely one to add to your edible bucket list.

For now though, we are most pleased to be munching on a Murukku Cheese Sandwich with all the fittings, the star of which is the Amul cheese of course.

Meal for two at INR 4,500 approx, including beverages.

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