A stop for your culinary glow-up: The all-new Glow Cafe is a treat with a multi-cusine menu and some pretty interiors

The all-new Glow Café is a delight for our palate and social media handles alike
Glow Cafe Interiors
Glow Cafe Interiors

A stroll down Haddows Road would introduce you to a vibrant new option that offers a flavoursome, trendy, and perfectly Instagrammable experience for a brunch or a night out

On a bright and sunny afternoon, we made our way into Glow Café. A walk up the flight of stairs led us to the first floor, where we were introduced to the vibrant, neon-light riddled interiors.

As we sat in a comfy corner, the first item from the extensively diverse menu arrived. We were served the Flower Apple Delight. With the added freshness of the Elder Flower Syrup, the fruity punch of the Pineapple Juice and occasional sweet crunches of pomegranate, the Flower Apple Delight easily ranks high among our recent experiences with mocktails.

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Next came a vibrant starter in the form of a Mediterranean salad. The Mezzalunna was a fine dish comprising Warm Spiced Chickpeas, Roasted Bell Peppers, fresh greens, and Chermoula Vinaigrette. It produced a mouth-watering smoky flavour. A generous bite of the chickpeas and the greens with the hummus and the roasted veggies gave a nice little kick to our palate.

<em>Nilagiri Paneer</em>
Nilagiri Paneer

Our favourites from the spread — Creamy Chicken Soup and the Crispy Chicken Fritto — came in next. The soup, rich and flavourful, was quite soothing. What particularly sold the dish for us was the pairing dish that came with it. The fritto felt like a better alternative to the common breads or breadsticks. Side note — if you want to experience elevated flavour, go for a big dip of the frittos and bite on the part drenched in the creamy goodness.

But the star of the show on the menu was the Nilagiri Paneer. This gluten-free meal bowl was a fabulous combination of the Tadka Tomato Sauce, Truffle Mushroom Rice, and Cashew Crumbs . The flavours of the truffle mixed with the tanginess of the tomato sauce peaked brilliantly. A generous slice of paneer and the rice took us to a lane quite different from what we experienced prior to this.

Creamy Chicken Soup and the Crispy Chicken <em>Fritto</em>
Creamy Chicken Soup and the Crispy Chicken Fritto

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The desserts felt like a great send-off for us. With three brilliant options coming our way — Opera, Tiramisu and Tres Leches, we were bowled over. While it definitely takes the top rank with its oh-so-soft texture, and the sweet blend of the condensed milk with the reminiscent pieces of the cake, the Opera and Tiramisu were great options among the chocolate and coffee-flavoured variants to choose from.

Meal for two: Rs.2,000

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