The Broken Bridge Cafe has a new high-tea menu and it has all your favourites!

From classic mini-sliders and chicken wings to pizzas, samosas and bajjis, the menu has all kinds of cravings for that evening snack.

author_img Nascimento Pinto Published :  19th April 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th April 2019 06:00 AM
Broken Bridge Cafe in Chennai

Mozzarella stuffed Molaga Bajjis at Broken Bridge Cafe

The Broken Bridge Cafe has curated a special high-tea menu, keeping in mind office-goers looking to grab a quick bite or diners looking to spend a lazy evening. The menu has both Indian as well as Continental favourites — from classic mini-sliders and chicken wings to pizzas, samosas and bajjis too! With a variety of coffees and teas, they also have a limited mocktail menu, which includes their signature French pressed Buttermilk Rasam.

With the mercurial temperature surrounding us, we skip the regular cappuccino for a chilled Imlita, inspired by the tamarind chutney at the local pani puri stall. A blend of pulpy tamarind sauce with lemon juice makes it the perfect cooler, which can also be enjoyed by scooping spoonfuls from the mix in the martini glass. If you’re looking to experiment, the Paan Lassi is also an interesting option. The Chicken and Goat Cheese Samosas, which arrived first at our table, turned out to be the perfect evening snack, served with tamarind chutney. It’s a creamy conical mix of minced chicken, cheese and sweet potatoes, and is quite light on the belly. The Tambhram Sliders, the Tamil version of the classic came next; with a vegetarian patty (mashed potatoes and onions) packed with tomatoes and lettuce between two small buns, and combined with a curry leaf mayo — it immediately appealed to our palate.

Chicken and Goat Cheese Samosas

Craving the classic chilli fritters, we couldn’t help but look forward to the Mozzarella cheese-stuffed Molaga Bajjis. The cheesy fried chillies are served with a peanut butter mayonnaise, which cuts through the spice, but also lends a nutty flavour we happily relish. Pizzas are also on the menu and the crisp thin crust Chicken Tikka pizza is just the desi twist we need. With a familiar Chicken Makhani sauce for the base, it is served with a generous topping of spicy chicken tikka cubes. While we were really stuffed, we couldn’t resist a few spoonfuls of the decadent Filter Coffee and Bailey’s Tiramisu, a signature dessert at the café.

Rs 250 plus taxes per person.