Want Barista style coffee at home? Check out the premium blends by Coffeeza

Coffeeza founded by Rahul Aggarwal, is home delivering blended beans that will ensure you get your ideal cup of joe at your home.

Paulami Sen Published :  07th July 2020 06:41 PM   |   Published :   |  07th July 2020 06:41 PM

Blends and brews by Coffeeza.

If you haven’t been visiting your favourite café, hence deprived your cappuccino fix, there might be a way out of that. Goa-based gourmet brand Coffeeza founded by connoisseur and entrepreneur, founder Rahul Aggarwal, is home delivering blended beans - classics and flavoured - that will ensure you get your ideal cup of joe at your home. “Wherever I travelled around the world, the first thing I do is to find a local roastery and try the coffee,” says the avid coffee enthusiast who now works with master blenders in Italy and Belgium blends tp procure the blest blends for Coffeeza.

Rahul Aggarwal

Of blend and beans
It is the right process and sourcing that can ensure the finest quality. Their Classico Coffee Capsules, for instance, comprises Central and South American blend of Arabica with a pleasant fruity aroma. The South American Arabica Coffee is intense and enthusiasts can spot taste notes of and dried fruit. Their Chocolate Flavoured Coffee is a mix blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans, with chocolate and hints of cherry. We noticed that it provides a balanced brew. Apart from chocolate, there’s Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee Capsules. Rahul admits that he has noticed that his patrons in the country are more fond of classic varieties and even flavoured ones, rather than the decaf style. 

For the espresso fix
Not only blends one can also order equipment from their site, which can help with cafe-style brews. The Finero Machine is more suited for those who like their coffee black, and would not mind making their coffee with a separate creamer. The brewing options it offers are espresso and lungo (short black with more water). The Lattisso, on the other hand, comes with a milk frother and is ideal for those coffee drinkers who like their cup of joe with a hint of milk. So you can make your cappuccino and latte in this one as well.