Here’s how you can make these signature brews from the famous Roastery Coffee House at home

Paulami Sen Published :  06th May 2020 02:18 PM   |   Published :   |  06th May 2020 02:18 PM

Signature brews from The Roastery Coffee House

With the extended lockdown being our present reality, the coffee lovers in Hyderabad have been missing hanging out at their favourite cafes! One can easily say that The Roastery Coffee in Banjara Hills Hyderabad features high up on that list. However, the third wave coffee enthusiast and owner of the outlet, Nishant Sinha has been keeping them happy and assuaging their growing impatience for the perfect cup of joe by holding Instagram lives, home delivery of beans and honey, they have managed to keep the spirit of brewing still alive. “Ever since lockdown was announced our biggest worry was how to keep interacting with our guest since we meet at least 600 people every day in the cafe and there were so many of our guest dependent on us for their daily coffee,” says Nishant. To brew Aeropress, one can even contact them and we will show them an online tutorial of how to brew the perfect cup. 

Nishant Sinha

The speciality Indian coffee roaster who has made a mark in Hyderabad and even in Kolkata has come up with a personal online tutorial to those who wanted to brew coffee at home. “In that way, we don't miss brewing coffee and guests don't miss drinking the same coffee. This weekend we are also doing a coffee-cocktail session,” informs Nishant. Those who live in and around can also pick up the coffee beans and powder from Roastery and make them at home. “Since honey is boosting immunity and lot of our customer asked for it hence we started delivering honey too,” he adds. That apart, one can’t deny the fact that it elevates the taste of cold brew on any given day. “Almost everything that we serve at the Roastery, customer can recreate at home and so many people are already doing it.” The connoisseur with more than a decade of speciality coffee experience, says that he would suggest people that serious coffee enthusiast has Aeropress, French Press and Cold Brew apparatus for people at home.

And here are the recipes from Roastery you can try at home:

Cold Brew


Cold-brew powder
Room temperature water 
Airtight glass bottle to brew 


Soak 1:10 parts coffee to water in the refrigerator for around 14 hours and then filter the coffee using a cheesecloth or a tea strainer. 
Please ensure there’s no grounded coffee in your cold brew. 

One can use the same cold brew and apply a similar method to make Cranberry Coffee available at the outlet. 

Cold-brew 50ml
7 Up cold drink - 50ml
Cranberry Juice - 50ml
Ice cubes - Just a few 


The Brownie Blend, Pic: R Satish Babu

For the famous Roastery Brownie Blend, he suggests that one gets the Aeropress Espresso ready first. 


Mandalkhan Aeropress powder 
Aeropress equipment
Water at 90 degree 


Take 15 grams of coffee with 70 millilitres of water and let it brew for 2 minutes.
It will result in a kind of espresso shot which can be used to make brownie blend cold coffee. 

Brownie Blend 


Espresso shot from Aeropress 
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream 
Milk - 50 millilitres 
One brownie 
Chocolate sauce 


Mix all the ingredients and mix it in a blender, pour and drink.