Ramzan 2022: Expect everything from seekh kebabs to ghosht biryani from Hyderabad's Golconda Pavilion's Barkat-e-Ramzan  

ITC Kohenur's Golconda Pavilion has a new menu available from April 22 to May 1

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  22nd April 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd April 2022 12:00 AM

Golconda Pavilion

The city’s well-known restaurants are back with special Ramzan menus. From sehri to iftar meals, most places are serving traditional foods from the kitchen of Nizams. ITC Kohenur too has curated a lavish spread this year — Barkat-e-Ramzan. The iftar offering includes special dishes and drinks that are perfect to break your fast at dusk. We visited the hotel for dinner and here’s what we loved from the tasting session.

We were first greeted by two coolers, Arkh-e-Gulab and Khus ka Aleshola. We were told that both these drinks are served before the meal so that one can get the required glucose after a day’s fast. Once we finished our glasses, Mausami Phal, Surq Dal, and Dahi Bade arrived. The fruit platter came with mangoes, pineapples, watermelon, dragon fruit, and dates. The dal seasoned with lemon and tempered with dried red chillies and coriander leaves was packed with flavour. Speaking of dahi bade, the addition of curd to vadas truly appealed to us and we couldn’t stop with just a bite.

Surq Dal

After the small plates, it was time for chef ’s signature kebabs! We sampled their Kumbh Galouti (mushroom kebabs), Talli Macchi (fish kebabs), Jhinga Hari Mirchi (prawn kebabs) and Charminar Seekh (mutton seekh kebabs). While, we enjoyed all the starters, it was the mushroom galouti kebab that had us singing its praises as they were buttery, and melted in our mouths. We also highly recommend the fish kebab, which was flaky, spicy and aromatic.

Kebab platter

Before our main course arrived, we sampled their haleem. Rich, creamy and less spicy, this variant is a win-win for fitness enthusiats.


Murgh Qorma, Ghosht Biryani, and Tarkari Biryani (vegetable-based biryani) arrived at our table. The chicken curry was cooked in flavourful gravy and went well with the vegetable biryani. The mutton biryani was the star of the show though. Slow-cooked on dum, the rice had soaked up all the flavours of the masalas used. Also, the mutton was tender, juicy and it fell off the bones effortlessly.


After this heavenly meal, we finished off our dinner with their Qurbani Custard Triffle and Malai Tukda. Keep in mind, that these desserts are only for those who enjoy a sugar rush.

From April 22 to May 1. Rs. 2,360 for a meal.

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