The all new Indiway by Just Gourmet in Hyderabad offers authentic North Western Frontier cuisine

From biryanis to kebabs, here's what Indiway by Jus Gourmet has to offer. 
Food from Indiway by Jus Gourmet
Food from Indiway by Jus Gourmet

Hyderabad just added another name to the list of cloud kitchens recently. Just a few weeks ago Indiway by Jus Gourmet, a gourmet kitchen popped up in the city and it has already gained a name for whipping up traditional dishes from the North-Western Frontier region. The founders of the place, Mohammad Basheer Ilyas and Suprio Banerjee tell us that the chefs at Indiway have attempted to retain the authenticity of the cuisine.

We received a package of dishes from the kitchen and there were several that we loved sampling. We started our meal with the Bhoot Jhalokia Tangri Kebab — cheese stuffed chicken drumstick, spiced with Naga chillies. True to its name, the kebabs were fiery, the meat juicy and it offered a burst of flavours. We paired this with the mint chutney and seasoned onions.

Next up were the Dhuan Dum Murgh Makhani and the Indiway-Style Dal Makhani. We tried these curries with Masala Kulcha. The kulchas were stuffed with herbs and spices and tasted delicious even on their own. We first picked the Murgh Makhani that had a decadent aroma of butter. The smoked chicken also elevated the dish and it had the right balance of cream and spices.

Murgh Makhani
Murgh Makhani

The Dal Makhani was simple, flavourful, and with the kulchas, was a good combination.

Dal Makhani
Dal Makhani

The last part of the main course was the Dum Cooked Aromatic Mutton Biryani. The biryani made with fragrant spices and the tender lamb was a fine play of textures and seasonings. It was served with a portion of raita and Mirchi ka Salan. The salan was a winner and those who like spicy food might love it.

To wrap up our hearty meal, we tried the Pineapple Malai Halwa. The idea of a pineapple-based halwa seemed novel. This dessert was decadent, and we enjoyed the fruity note which was quite refreshing. We recommend you check it out.

Rs. 1,000 for two. Available online.


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