Hyderabad has an all-new outlet, WOWFFLES for waffles, macarons, and brownies

WOWFFLES's menu offers stick waffles, dessert jars in classic flavours

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  28th May 2021 12:29 AM   |   Published :   |  28th May 2021 12:29 AM

Strawberry stick waffle

What better than crunchy and creamy desserts on a day where mercury is soaring? And when you find a place that has everything right from classic waffles to creamy dessert jars, there is no way we can stop ordering in. The more, the merrier, right? When TTSF Cloud One, a multi-brand cloud kitchen entity and the creators of a well-known milkshakes brand, The Thickshake Factory opened a dessert station, WOWFFLES, we had to get our hands on their delicacies.

WOWFFLES sent us some of their top picks in elegant packaging which was quite Instagram-worthy. We first picked their macaron box and tried the Mango and Blueberry Macarons. The Mango Macaron is a seasonal specialty and we enjoyed how the mango cream filling tasted just like a real fruit. The Blueberry Macaron too was delicious and it came with a cream filling that gave it a rich texture.


Next up was the brownie box. It contained plain Chocolate and Chocolate Walnut Brownies. The Chocolate Brownie, a classic, tasted just right. The Chocolate Walnut was fudgy, moist, and the scattering of nuts added a right crunch to it. If you enjoy brownies, this one is the perfect pick for you.


We finally tried their signature waffles. The brand has given a new avatar to their waffles and presented it in a stick form. We tried the Maple Butter Stick Waffle and the maple butter adds an elevated flavour. The crunch of the waffle stick and the gooey butter makes it a must-try. We then tasted the Kitkat Pocket Waffle, which has to be our favourite part of the tasting. The waffle came loaded with chocolate and was topped with bite-sized Kitkat chocolate pieces. Is this what they call a chocolate paradise?

Kitkat waffle

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