Hyderabad's Elysio Cafe’s burgers and coffee menu has become the talk of the town  

Here's what to expect...

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  04th February 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  04th February 2022 12:00 AM
Elysio cafe

Elysio cafe

Nestled away in the quieter lanes of Film Nagar, a new café, Elysio has recently popped up. With its all-white décor, the place has earned a reputation as one of the Instagrammable spots in the city. What we loved as we entered the outlet was that planted pots have been placed in several corners in the café to add some colour to its white walls. We have been told that the trees get beautifully lit during the evenings and we promise to catch that sight on our next visit. 

For the tasting, we began our meal with their Sirohi Chicken. The boneless chicken tenders were cooked with cashewnuts, green chillies, onions, and garlic. Topped with fresh cream and cilantro, it was flavourful and made for an ideal start to our meal. They also had Panko Fried Chicken Strips, which were crunchy and went well with sweet-chilli dip served alongside. 

Sirohi Chicken

While we waited for our main course to arrive, we checked the café’s coffee menu and were pleasantly surprised with their range. We picked the Irish Coffee, which was made with an espresso shot, caramel, coffee and was topped with a layer of whipped coffee. Rich, warm and strong, we recommend you pick this one. We were also tempted to try their Nutella Brownie Milkshake, and it felt like drinking Nutella (mixed with cream) in liquid form — a perfect dessert option. 

Irish Coffee

We then tried their Alfredo Pasta and Barbeque Chicken Pizza. The former came topped with grilled chicken and broccoli florets, which is pure comfort food. The latter was topped with cheese and the barbecue chicken gave the pizza a sweet note. The owner also recommended that we try one of their signature burgers and we chose the Chicken Sloppy Burger. The burger was loaded with cheese, onions, lettuce, and the chicken patty was replaced with spicy chunks of chicken pieces. The burger was a spice bomb and one must get ready to get their hands all messy while having it. 

Chicken Sloppy Burger

The place is also known for its dessert menu and we picked a few to sample. The Blueberry and Strawberry Macarons were airy and light on the palate. We also tried the Blueberry Cheese Cake. Layered with fresh fruits and cream, the decadent option did not disappoint us at all. 

Blueberry Cheesecake

Rs 600 for two. At Film Nagar. 

— bsuchitra@newindianexpress.com