From carrot fries to vegetarian burgers, here's what The Friger Co in Hyderabad has to offer

Check out this all-new burger outlet in Hyderabad

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  25th June 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th June 2021 12:00 AM
Carrot Fries and Veggies Overloaded Burger

Carrot Fries and Veggies Overloaded Burger

Tucked away in the streets of SP Road is The Friger Co, a tiny but quaint burger outlet that is just a few days old. The restaurant is conceptualised by two friends — Ganga Viraj Kota and Varun Yadav — who take their burgers and fries seriously. The two wanted to replicate a traditional burger experience but present it in a slightly more healthy way. After eight months of planning, several menu trials, and saying no to any frozen foods, the outlet is now open, serving carrot twisters, beetroot fries, and signature burgers. We have been informed that the outlet also makes its own sauces and dips.

We began our meal with their signature Carrot Fries and Beetroot Fries. Both the fries were well-seasoned and balanced. We liked how crunchy the fries were and we were not ready to stop eating them. We enjoyed these fries so much that we weren’t ready to move on.

Beetroot fries

Our next pick was the Russette Twister. A classic potato twister, we picked for the peri-peri and mint mayo seasoning. The hit of spice kick from the peri-peri was calmed by the mint mayo sauce. We must admit, we quite enjoyed this.


After sampling their petit fours, we moved on to the burgers section. We picked the Veggies Overloaded Burger. It came with a vegetable patty served on top of arugula leaves. While the patty had a tangy note, it was topped with olives and burnt pepper relish. Those who enjoy spicy food will like this addition. Our final pick was the Delhi Wala Aloo Chana Burger from their traditional burgers section. This street-style burger has to be our top pick from the tasting. The Delhi-style aloo and chana were indulgent and the tangy-mint flavoured sauce made it rich.

Delhi Wala Aloo Chana Burger

For those who wish to tuck into decadent and juicy vegetarian burgers, they can give this place a shot. Also, their fries menu is a must-try.

Rs. 400 for a meal. At SP Road.