With gourmet burgers and Thai dishes, here’s what Hyderabad's Teal Room Cafe has to offer

Hyderabad has a new address for dainty corners and delicious treats 

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  02nd April 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd April 2021 12:00 AM

Teal Room Cafe in Hyderabad

New places with diverse menus are popping up in the city, and one such place is Teal Room Cafe. Tucked away in the serene lanes of Jubilee Hills, this eatery is painted in bright teal and boasts quirky interiors. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it will transport you to a quaint café, maybe in the quiet lanes of Puducherry. 

Tease the palate 

While the interiors of the outlet immediately grabbed our attention, we were equally impressed with their menu. Before we started digging in, we sipped on the Pina Colada, which had a hint of rose flavour. It was just what we needed after a long drive. We then started our meal with the Baked Cups, flaky puff pastry, loaded with creamy chicken and spinach. The dish was light on the stomach despite the creamy texture. It was well complemented with the coleslaw served on the side.

Big Cups
Baked Cups

We next tried the Chicken Satay, a classic Thai dish that was served with a tasty peanut dip. The balance of flavours in the dish was quite lovely. Next up on the menu was the Spicy Fish Slivers. The fish was seasoned to precision and the dip — lemon garlic aioli — worked well with it. It also came with a side of fresh vegetables seasoned with vinaigrette and lemon zest, which gave the salad a tangy twist. 

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay

One for the patty 

From the appetisers, we moved to their burgers section. We were surprised to find a quinoa-patty burger on the menu and immediately decided to try it. The SuperFood Burger came with a crispy quinoa patty, cheese sauce, and tomatoes. It was served with spicy fries, salsa, and buttermilk aioli. The patty had a crispy texture which added a pleasing crunch to the soft bread. 


Call of comfort 

We next picked the Red Curry Paneer Buddha Bowl. The Japanese rice, red Thai curry, and paneer were served with an assortment of blanched and seasoned vegetables like red cabbage, broccoli, carrots, and bok choy. This comforting bowl was delicious.

Buddha Bowl

We washed this down with the Peach Iced Tea. Quite refreshing on a summer afternoon, we must admit.

Iced tea
Peach Iced Tea 

Teal Room Cafe is the brainchild of Sharmila Nekkanti, Himaja Reddy, Akhila Vajja, and Subbarao Velidi and they make for warm hosts. Also, don’t forget to look out for the kitschy wall-art when you head over for a meal! 

Rs. 800 for two. At Jubilee Hills.