World Chocolate Day: Here are place to explore and gorge on chocolates in Hyderabad

We know how chocolate has been that one friend to us that has been with  us through the most difficult as well as happiest of times

author_img Shreya Veronica Published :  07th July 2022 06:06 PM   |   Published :   |  07th July 2022 06:06 PM
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We know how chocolate has been that one friend to us that has been with  us through the most difficult as well as happiest of times. Well, it’s World Chocolate Day today (July 7) — another excuse for you to indulge in your love for the brown bean. So, if you’re looking for ways and places to gorge on the universal favourite, let us guide you through it!

Fonce Chocolatier at Jubilee Hills is known for some of the best chocolate desserts in the city and their chocolatier-founder Deepa Reddy shares how they are prepping for the big day, “We added two special chocolate desserts to our regular menu — chocolate cherry petit gâteau and the chocolate eclair. We will also introduce our special chocolate platter that guests can pre-book to taste. It has several options including the bon bon, a variety of dragées, fingers, hexagon bars, chocolate bars and almond clusters. Our chocolates are usually paired with different varieties of nuts, fruits, teas, spices etc., and we don’t use artificial flavourings.”

Aparna Gorrepati, managing partner of Zuci Chocolates and Cafe talks about the different options people can choose from, at their cafe, according to their taste. “We serve over 36 varieties of chocolates that cater to and match the palate of any and every group that walks in. Our dark, milk and white chocolates come in different variations — based on the percentage of milk and cocoa we use. For the filling, we use dry fruits and caramel. Usually, anything with sugar is not great for your health, but interestingly chocolate is, so walk into our cafe this Chocolate Day to celebrate the rich tastes.”

Rehan Guha, director of operations at Concu, Jubilee Hills, says that the place has introduced two new chocolate products this week — milk chocolate cruffins and pain au chocolat. “We use a range of chocolates whose cocoa content varies from 70 per cent dark to 35 per cent mil, and in several forms. Our chocolate and french biscuits are one of the most loved chocolate offerings on our menu and have taken the city by storm. Our gluten-free classic opera with delicate layers of almond sponge chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream is highly recommended by our chefs.

The dark chocolate and pecan cookie or the double chocolate chip shortbread are perfect for a picnic. Our chocolate cold coffee made with homemade chocolate gelato is liquid gold — perfectly creamy and chocolatey. The chocolate caramel sandwich too, is a one-of-its-kind dessert — looks like a sandwich, tastes like a cake, and is loved by young and old alike.”

Platform 65’s corporate executive chef VH Suresh mentions a few desserts that you could try to celebrate the day: “Nutty brownie overload and rich oreo brownie honey chikoo twist are new on the menu. Apart from the regular solid chocolate, we extensively use chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cocoa powder in our desserts and milkshakes. Our new milkshake with a combination of strawberry and chocolate is a must-try.”